Gay Pride Oreo: Kraft Foods Proudly Supports Love

My Dad worked for Kraft Foods for many years. I’m glad he’s not around to see this. Read the story and searing commentary at Moonbattery.

Kraft Foods Gay Pride Oreo


  • Some day science will find a cure for hmosexuallity. Will they take it?

  • Did you know that June has been declared Gay Pride Month by the Pentagon and will be celebrated on all military installations? Sec Def Panetta envisions it be celebrated like Black History Month with hallway banners and special events and speakers.

    • BobF, we need a Heterosexual Month. Our Pentagon is scary. Can’t wait to see who Romney will put in as Defense. I’m hoping for Bolton, but then I want Bolton at State too. There’s not enuf of him to go around.

  • Ronald J. Ward

    How can you be expected to be taken seriously or given an iota of credence when you invoke “”, a site that thrives on and is infested with bigotry and hate, as a reference to your cause?

    • Moonbattery is a great site run by a REAL patriot- I’d bet you’re not half the man, ‘Ronald’

    • Ronald J. Ward, if you regularly read Moonbattery and believe it has no credence, you are nothing more than a troll. I referenced his story because it IS a story. If you don’t like it, blame Kraft for outing themselves.

      • andy42302

        If one regularly reads Moonbattery and believes it has no credence, then they are nothing more than a troll???????? So, what are they, fair and balance?

    • I see you have nothing to contribute to the article so you attack the source.

      A Moonbat response to any argument.

  • Screw Nabisco, ‘Who Nu’ a suitable alternative and supposedly a little bit healthier…

  • D.Pennachietti

    How foolish to think you need to take a public stand on men with men etc. There are consequences of all decisions. Somethings are better off unsaid. To cater to such a small minority (With a big voice) will not be good for sales. If I had a product I would keep it neutral so to cater both gay and straight. Need wisdom??