Future of US Constitution Under Chief Justice John Roberts

Today, the Supreme Court shows itself to be Liberal 5 to 3 with one Justice considered a swing vote. Unfortunately, the future of this country now depends on SCOTUS justices – not the vision of the Founders! Assuming Obama is out in January 2013, Romney may have three Court appointments to make (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kennedy). It will be imperative – a sobering task that will set the future of this Nation – that Romney appoint strict constitutionalists. This will be Romney’s greatest challenge. I hope he is man enough for the job.

SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts

State of SCOTUS today:

Conservative: Alito, Scalia, Thomas

Left: Roberts, Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer

Swing: Kennedy

Ginsburg and Breyer may resign sooner rather than later. In July 2010, Kennedy allegedly said he would remain on the Court for at least three more years. Consider it your sobering duty to vote in November 2012.

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  • NOvember!

  • I wonder if we are seeing the opening salvo of the Second US Civil War? I for one believe if this is not repealed.


  • Romey’s record of judicial appointments is quite liberal. I am not holding my breath for change, especially when you consider this mandate, in Romney’s opinion, was good enough for the people of Massachusetts.

    The IRS will come collecting this, but based on previous experience with the IRS, they really don’t care about your state of health as long as you are good enough to work for the master.

    • BB, my sentiments exactly.

    • Our only hope is a Conservative Senate with the kahonas to shoot down any SCOTUS candidate that has a record of not upholding the Constitution.

  • I really trust him, he seems to be a very confident and smart man. I am looking forward to see what he will do with his might.

  • Bunkerville

    I might have lived with Kennedy the turn coat, but not this. Get ready to rock.

  • Some say the dissenting opinion reads like it was intended to be the majority opinion. Some say Roberts was set to reject Obamacare entirely during initial internal votes within SCOTUS. Did Roberts cave to pressure? Does Roberts have some underlying concern about the future legacy of the Roberts Court?

    I think it is too soon to draw conclusions. Sure, had Roberts voted with Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy rather than Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor conservatives would be rejoicing.

    I believe it was Scalia who said we should stop expecting SCOTUS to correct the failures in the legislative branch. Most people understand we must now win majorities in Congress and retake the WH. That was always the goal. Even with the court ruling today, nothing has really changed.

  • WyCoSkylark

    The Constitution died today at the hand of John Roberts.

    • It is not dead yet. It will die if Obama is given a second term.

  • Ran

    So Roberts said it’s “not” a tax in one context but actually “a tax” and thus passes muster. This type of self-contradictory argumentation wouldn’t pass first year.

  • Roberts not only sided with liberals on this, he also sided with liberals in throwing States Sovereignty under the bus with the Arizona ruling.

    Oh yea, don’t want to forget this. He also sided with the left against the Stolen Valor Act today. This guy is a disappointment to the Constitution he swore to uphold and protect.

  • Scrungy

    RobErts was the shrewdest of them all. This IS a TAX. Congress CAN tax. Therefore roberts did exactly what he had to do……

    Follow the constitution and rule IN FAVOR.

    Sorry guys but the government CAN tax us to death and if we vote in taxaholic progressives then we get what we voted for.

    Vote out the progressive communists and take back the country. Roberts simply voted how he must”……… It is in fact constitutional to TAX us.

    • This bill was never presented to Congress as a tax. As far as I know, nothing in the bill says it’s a tax. Therefore, since this is now a tax, would this be taxation without representation since our representatives didn’t vote upon it as a tax? Or, since the bill itself as written was unconstitutional, did SCOTUS impose a tax upon the American People?