Former Obama CBO Director Peter Orzag Calls for Mandatory Voting – But No Voter ID

Totalitarianism forces its unfortunate citizens to do whatever their government wants them to do. Obama’s former Director of the Congressional Budget Office wants to force you to vote, because after all, jury duty is mandatory…or something. When you show up for Jury Duty and it’s obvious you are stoned, crazy or worse, an attorney for one side or the other will deny you a seat on the jury. Not that the ridiculousness of this heavy-handed, tyrannical attempt to re-elect Barack Obama, coming from his former CBO Director Peter Orzag, needs any explanation. Clever: force you to the polls, no I.D. needed.

Remember the ACORN-paid voters, the buses they filled with street dwellers, the mentally ill and hauled to the polls? The money that flowed in from outside the U.S. for Obama? The New Black Panthers turning voters away at a Philadelphia polling place? Those helpful poll workers – one of which tried to make sure my Mother voted for Barack Obama?

It is no coincidence that Orszag is calling for mandatory voting on this basis at the same time that the Obama administration pushes against Citizens United, attempting to bridge the money gap Obama now faces against Mitt Romney. It is also no coincidence that Obama wants mandatory voting at this point in time – it is widely accepted that mandatory voting would raise participation rates in heavily Democrat-leaning populations, particularly minorities.

The irony, of course, is that the Democrats seem fine with forcing people to the polls, but object strenuously to people showing ID at the polls when they show up voluntarily. Forcing people to vote seems significantly more burdensome than asking them to show identification. But one measure prevents voter fraud, while one promotes liberal constituencies stuffing the ballot box. So that explains that. Read it all at Breitbart.

If you plan to vote for Barack Obama in November, spend some time thinking about the next “mandatory” steps in your future.

Maybe I should watch South Park after all (warning – you WILL be offended by this video, but then you are likely offended by Peter Orzag anyway) – Not safe for work, children – crude, lewd and maybe your future.

If the video does not play or disappears, view it at the Breitbart link above.

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