Florida Judge Hinkle: Purging Voter Rolls of Illegals Legal – Florida: The New Arizona

US District Court Judge Robert Hinkle ruled that purging voter rolls of illegal aliens is legal, striking down the DOJ’s “emergency request” to stop the purge. The ruling stops only the “emergency request,” and the DOJ lawsuit can move forward. The Department of Justice recently denied the State of Arizona access to a federal database used to verify citizenship. They’ve essentially already done the same to Florida. Is Florida the new Arizona? Look at this:

Eric Holder

Florida has filed its own lawsuit. For months, the state has been asking the Department of Homeland Security for access to an immigration database to verify voters’ citizenship status. It is suing the agency for access.

“Today’s ruling puts the burden on the federal government to provide Florida with access to the Department of Homeland Security’s citizenship database,” Mr. Scott [Governor Rick Scott] said in a statement. Source: NY Times

Good luck with that. Florida residents are paying to defend themselves from the DOJ. Despicable. (Graphic Credit: The Patriot Post)

  • Good for Florida, love it. Holder is despicable, and Obama is an illegal with a forged birth certificate, social security number of a dead man so no wonder this is such an issue. WOW how lucky for the United States to have such a POTUS. What a disgrace!
    I am so happy Gov. Rick Scott stood up to this evil Obamacare tax by the greedy government. You go Florida, purge, purge, purge all illegals. . .
    does this mean we get to purge Obama – God I hope so this Nov.