Fast and Furious vs Wide Receiver: Holder Denies Connection to Wide Receiver

While Democrat strategists continue to inanely insist that Fast and Furious is just a continuation of George W. Bush’s Wide Receiver, not even Eric Holder dares to claim they are connected in any way. See the video below. So what are the differences between the two programs. Here’s the run down:

Blame Bush

● Wide Receiver began in 2005, was publicly announced in 2006 and was shut down in October 2007.

● Wide Receiver was operated along with the Mexican Government which was notified each time a straw purchaser “walked across the border.”

● Walked weapons were tracked by helicopter and radio.

● Wide Receiver was designed to “build a case against against gun smugglers and the drug cartels, to find out who they were, where they are.”

● Three hundred to four hundred weapons “walked” with the full knowledge of the Mexican Government and monitored by the Phoenix ATF and the Department of Justice.

● Each weapon had a tracing mechanism (RFID). After the traces led authorities to those with the smuggled weapons, the criminals figured out they were being tracked. They removed the tracking devices and the program was shut down “abruptly.”

● No one died from Wide Receiver

● Nothing from Wide Receiver was officially handed off to the Obama Administration from the Bush Administration. The program had been dead for two years by the time Obama insulted the Oval Office.

Operation Fast and Furious

►Fast and Furious was announced publicly in a press conference in March 2009 claiming it was an important issue to the “President,” was under the President’s “leadership,” the President “directed” it, Mexico was working with the U.S., and “gun tracing” was being utilized.

►Today, Obama says he didn’t know about Fast and Furious.

►The Department of Justice put in writing that there was no gun walking operation at all, recinded that, and now says it happened, but Holder didn’t know about it.

►The Mexican Government had no knowledge of Fast and Furious because it wasn’t about Mexican drug cartels, it was about bringing down the hammer of government regulations on American gun sellers.

►The Fast and Furious weapons numbered in the the thousands, and most of them were never traced inside Mexico. Most of them are still missing today. The Department of Justice wasn’t interested in Mexico – it was all about restricting gun sales in the U.S. to law abiding, Second-Amendment-loving Americans.

►Fast and Furious weapons had no tracking devices

►Fast and Furious weapons were not tracked by air or radio

►Whistleblower, Federal Agent John Dodson said that he was not allowed to track the weapons or interfere with the sellers or the straw purchasers. He reported these illegal actions to this superiors and was essentially told to mind his own business.

►Border Agent Brian Terry died at the wrong end of one of the “walked” weapons. Terry was armed with a government issued gun that fired beanbags.

►ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was murdered while on duty in Mexico with a gun that “walked” south of the border from Dallas, Texas. It is not clear whether Zapata’s weapon was a Fast and Furious weapon.

►Two to three hundred Mexican nationals have died from weapons smuggled into Mexico under Fast and Furious.

►Many more will die from unfound (untraced) Fast and Furious weapons.

Watch the video below. There is no doubt that not even the very bold Eric Holder, is not bold enough to claim a connection between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious – see about 2:35 into the vido. The information about Wide Receiver vs. Fast and Furious comes from numerous sources, as I’ve written about Fast and Furious often, but I did find two articles that outline and support most of the above: The Examiner and Rush Limbaugh.

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