David Limbaugh: Obama Power Grabs – Refresher Video

David Limbaugh appeared on Fox and Friends today and summarized some of Obama’s egregious power grabs. He has a new book out, The Great Destroyer – Obama’s War on the Republic. Sean Hannity is raving about it – says it is great documentation of Obama’s time in office (paraphrasing). I purchased the Kindle edition ($9.99). Find it here (I do not receive a commission if you buy). Watch this video conversation with David Limbaugh to refresh your memory of things you prefer to forget but know you must not.

David Limbaugh on Fox and Friends (6-20-12) (Video)

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  • “The Great Destroyer – Obama’s War on the Republic.” I think the title says it all and very well I might add.

  • You can also get it downloaded onto your Itunes.. I just got the book “The Amateur”, this book exposes Obama like no other.. great read.. Or in the case of my Itunes.. great listen.. Need to send copies of Limbaugh’s book and The Amateur to you lib friends.