Channeling His Inner Nixon


I am now fully convinced that Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States, has discovered a way to reverse the flow of time.  Last summer we re-experienced the protests of the 1960s with a twist of the disgusting by Occupy Wall Street.  A group that now advocates pedophilia and sexual slavery.  We show the unwashed masses gather in OUR public parks chanting, defecating on police cars, raping every woman they could find, anti-Semitism, theft and the destruction of business.  Yes my gentle Truth Seekers, we have once again experienced the 1960’s.

Now we are once again experiencing the 1970’s.  And President Barack Hussein Obama is channeling his inner Nixon.  Richard Nixon used the IRS to harass his political opponents.  Barack Obama is using the IRS to harass his political opponents.  Nixon had an Enemies List, Obama has an Enemies List.  Nixon had a corrupt Attorney General, so does Obama.  Nixon claimed Executive Privilege on items dealing with the Watergate Cover-up, and Obama is doing the same for Fast and Furious.  Nixon tried to rule by Executive Orders (His was known as the Imperial Presidency.) and Obama is trying to do the same.  All we need now is a John Dean saying:  “There is a cancer on the Presidency.”

Yes, there is a great cancer on the Presidency today.  A cancer that is destroying this nation.  A cancer that is destroying our honor.  A cancer that must be cut from the body politic and destroyed.  For if we don’t, this nation will no longer survive as a Free and Independent Republic.  It will have become an Absolute Monarchy ruled by King Barack Hussein Obama the First and his Queen Michelle.


  • If the American people re-elect Obama … no, wait. What was it that Joseph Stalin said? “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    Maybe he’s already re-elected. Didn’t he try to have the vote count out-sourced?