Another Day, Another Swastika

Once again in Brooklyn, New York swastikas were painted on stores and a synagogue in Borough Park.  This is a few months after the Midwood Anti-Semitic Attacks.  Then as now, Mayor Bloomberg and Borough President Marty Markowitz are quiet on this attack.  (Their silence on the other attacks were thunderous.)

Police are seeking the sick vandals who painted a half-dozen swastikas found this morning in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The swastikas were found at a synagogue, a Jewish bath house and several businesses around 16th Avenue in Borough Park.

Cops are investigating the vandalism as a hate crime, and are reviewing surveillance video from the area. No arrests have been made.

Surveillance video from Fischman’s Food Center at 4421 16th Ave., one of the vandalized businesses, shows two men in hoodies walking up to the store at about 2:45 a.m.

One of the men spray-painted the store’s front roll down gate, and then drew a swastika on the front plastic window panel.

The other man walked out of the camera’s view.

“Because they’ve got extra paint in their cans, they have to go out and spray other people’s property?” said Scheindel Fischman, who owns the business with her husband.

“It’s ridiculous. I’ve never heard of something like that,” she said.

“It’s a terrible shame that someone would do something like that,” said neighborhood resident Moshe Zwolinski, 53. “These are people who don’t really understand our culture and how we live.”

“What kind of sick person does this in a neighborhood of Holocaust survivors?” asked Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), one of an array of elected officials who expressed outrage over the incident.

The vandalized locations include Irgun Shiurai Torah, a synagogue on 16th Avenue at 46th Street, and Mikvah Israel, a bath house at 18th Avenue and 47th Street. A swastika was also sprayed on a car an area resident had parked near IS 223 at 16th Avenue and 42nd Street.

One woman feared the sick hate scrawl was just the beginning.

“It’s very scary, they have the guts to come and do that,” Moseh Liebermann, 70, said. “They start with the synagogue and then they will go to everybody’s house.”

No arrests have been made and the NYPD is reviewing security tapes from nearby businesses.

Anyone with information about this crime should call the NYPD confidential tip line at 1-800-577-TIPS.


I should now expect Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to start marching in the neighborhood and demand a full investigation and put some poor shmuck in prison.

Sorry wrong minority.  I wish that Mayor Bloomberg and Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz would come to Borough Park and march for justice in Brooklyn.  Or is this going to be swept under the rug like the others were.

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  • Nolan

    Just vandalism? Painting a swastika is the equivalent of leaving a noose or painting a flaming cross on your front door. We know who you’d call if that had happened. Have some sensitivity for others.

    • Nolan, you seem to be offended by something in this article, but you must have misread it. The author, findalis, fights anti-Semitism EVERY day.

  • Hoodies? Like the one Obama’s son would be wearing if he had a son?

  • Ref:”I wish that Mayor Bloomberg and Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz would come to Borough Park and march for justice in Brooklyn.”

    The only way to get Bloomberg to march for justice is to have someone spray paint a swastika on his butt. He might even march with a donut in one hand and a hugh slurpee in the other.

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  • I liked the article, however, do not expect any liberal to march on behalf of our Jewish neighbors. Moreso, any socalled civil rights activists are most likly encouraging more of the same.
    Thanks for the article, and allowing me an opportunity to get in a shot at the phonies.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    I’m shocked, absolutely shocked that vandals painted swastikas where Jews live. Has this never happened before? No seriously, after all this time, can we just wake up to the fact that lots of people hate Jews and want to kill them? It’s war and it’s high time we all wake up to that fact. Muslims, leftists and all the rest of Obama’s minions against the rest of us. The time for being sensitive and hoping for the delusional panacea of hate crime laws is done. The time for self defense is now.

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