Air Force Academy Graduation Tradition Inconvenient for Obama: Thunderbird F-16s Delayed for Obama Fundraiser

Barack Obama disrupted tradition after giving a commencement speech for the Air Force Academy graduating class at Falcon Stadium in Colorado Springs. The traditional Thunderbird F-16 ‘after-graduation’ show was delayed as Obama and his motorcade made its way back to Air Force One to jet to a fundraiser in downtown Denver. The flyover did happen as the cadets threw their caps into the air immediately after graduation, but the much anticipated show of the F-16 diamond and arrowhead formations took a backseat to The Won’s exit.  Read Obama’s Air Force Academy speech transcript and comments here.

Thunderbird F-16s Honor Graduating Air Force Academy Cadets

Thanks to my ‘littlest brother’ and Gateway PunditPhoto credit: New York Times/Stephen Crowley

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  • It’s all about Obama, naturally! Glad to see you back Maggie!

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  • mellie torre

    He wants to mess EVERYTHING up in this country!

  • The President is a Tyrant. We must remove the Tyrant!

  • HelpingHand

    Snopes version…

    However, according to Tech. Sgt. Raymond Hoy, a Social Media Manager with HQ/USAFA Public Affairs, the delay in the Thunderbirds’ air show was due to a refueling stop and had nothing to do with President Obama’s departure. Moreover, he added, it is common for presidents delivering commencement speeches at USAFA graduation ceremonies to leave prior to the air show:

    “We’ve received a lot of queries on this. The president’s departure had nothing to do with the delay in the Thunderbird’s show, as has been reported. The Thunderbirds had to complete an aerial refuel after their initial flyover; this was planned from the start. While they were completing this, the president took the opportunity to leave. The official ceremony is complete after the hat toss/initial flyover.

    Also, presidents typically don’t stay for the Thunderbird air show. President Bush didn’t stay for the show during either of the graduations he attended. Some previous presidents didn’t even stay for the entire ceremony, leaving after their commencement speech.”