Remembering Their Sacrifice!

On other National holidays the nation takes to the streets in joyous celebration.  On Memorial Day we are to take time to remember and mourn those men and women who gave their lives for this country.  So many did over the years.


War Dead Wounded
Revolutionary 25,000 25,000
1812 20,000 4,505
Mexican-American 13,283 4,152
Civil 624,511 281,881
Spanish-American 2,446 1,622
Philippine-American 4,196 2,930
World War 1 116,516 204,002
World War 2 405,399 670,846
Korea 36,516 92,134
Vietnam 58,209 153,303
Gulf 258 849
Afghanistan 1,803 31,965
Iraq 4,477 41,936
Totals 1,312,614 1,515,125


We should pause and remember them.  But instead most Americans will go to sales in malls, go to the beach and have cook outs.

The sacrifice these men gave entitles these Americans to do that.  It is our Freedoms and the Freedom of the world that they sacrificed their lives.  The liberation of Europe, not once but twice.  The liberation of Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan from the Taliban.  The Freedom of Cuba from Spain, the Philippines, the Battle of New Orleans and Brooklyn Heights.  They sacrificed at Shiloh, and Gettysburg.  The Wilderness and Fredricksberg.  And the nation they fought for survived and thrived.

To the families of those who have died;  Thank You.  There is no monetary settlement, no honors we can give you to heal the pain.


  • Analyne Johnson

    It is indeed great what these men did to our nation, and they deserved to be remembered in a special way. Without them we will not be where are at as a country right now. God rest their souls in peace.

  • I can think of no better way to honor our nation’s founders and military veterans than by doing those things, everyday, that preserve, protect and defend not only the Constitution but the traditional American values that define who we are.

    Traditions are viewed as old-fashioned by those who wish to be accepted as ‘hip’ or ‘cool’. We discard our tradtions at our own peril. These traditions are not old-fashioned but the underlying strength from which freedom and liberty survive.

    Look around the world. Where else can you find a commitment to the ideals that allow ordinary citizens the tools to achieve their potential as well as government by consent of the governed?

    The sacrifice of America’s veterans to maintain this beacon of freedom has no equal. We are lucky to be graced by their service. This year we can honor their commitment by resolving the problems wounded warriors face after service to their country.

    This year defines how we have let down our veterans. No one who has served their country should be left to fend for themselves after sustaining serious injury. It is time to make this right. Actually, it is past time to make this right. Political rhetoric will not stand. At the very least, please urge your elected representatives to resolve these issues. Our veterans more than deserve your support in these matters.

  • Well if your a modern day journalist on MSNBC.. you just don’t know how to feel..
    These new world liberals anger me to no end.
    God bless those who sacrificed their hopes and dreams for a life, to save ours.

  • Beautiful Tribute …. I also thank those who gave it ALL for our freedom.

  • Nolan

    Thanks for such a nice tribute. Hats off to our immortal heroes.

  • I know exactly what you mean when you speak of shopping malls and barbeques. Memorial Day is more than a day off to do the same old things. It is a day for quiet reflection and remembrance.

  • Our brave men and women did not die or risk their lives so that Americans could have another holiday. Show some respect, people!

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  • I offered a comment at Michelle Malkin’s blog that I will repeat here.

    This year the best thing we can do to honor our veterans is urge our elected reps to ‘cure’ the problem at the VA with regard to providing ‘adequate’ health services to those who served.

    Currently the backlog of veterans not receiving service is a national disgrace.

    In addition to veterans from previous war time service Iraq and Afghanistan vets are being ignored.

    Please make your voice heard on their behalf.

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  • Amanda

    It really pains us to know that we lost some family members in those wars you have mentioned. However, the heartwarming tributes of people like you is more than enough to replace the grief with pride.

  • We are proud of the military persons who did their best in fighting the country. This Memorial Day is the day to thank all of them for all the sacrifices they made to our beloved country. We adore these people for sacrificing their lives to the country.

  • Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our fallen heroes, and for including that all important chart.

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  • Thanks for killed/wounded chart. Memorial Day is much more than a day off of work. It’s time to honor our soldiers.