Happy Mother’s Day!

Give your Mom a big hug, for once she is gone you won’t have the chance to.
  • CandyStern

    My mother would freak out when she sees cats. She doesn’t hate them but she’s just pretty much allergic to them. Haha. Anyway, I didn’t buy my mom flowers for Mother’s Day. Just a simple date with her made her smile which was the main goal for that day.

  • For one who has experinced the passing of his Mother, merely recognizing her on Mother’s Day somehow seems less than adquate.

  • So very true Maggie! I miss my mom, she passed away March 5, 2000. She was 87 years old and what a wonderful mom she was! I am glad to see you back! Where have you been!

  • Long as it’s just a picture – no real cats plz! LOL Thanks for the thought. My mother’s day is in honor of my daughter who is the mother I wish to have had and my son who is a great father to his daughter, my sweet daughter in law, and last but not least all my grands.

  • Happy mothers day to all moms. They really deserve to have a special day. Like a gave roses to my mom so that i can show my love to her as my precious mom.