Desmond Hatchett: Father of 30 – Had 4 Children in Same Year – Twice!

Desmond Hatchett is a 33 year old man in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has 30

Desmond Hatchett

children with 11 different women. In one year, he fathered 8. He makes minimum wage and needs help from taxpayers to pay child support. The roiling question: why hasn’t Hatchett been neutered by the state? Surely taxpayers have had enough – a concept Hatchett isn’t familiar with. God help the children. Read the story at Fox News.

  • Damien Jake

    Father of 30!!!! In 3 years!!!!!
    Really its an amazing news. I think at next 3 years his total number of child’s will be 60!!!!!!

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Open both eyes! Was there a mother for each of those 30 children? In my opinion the parents, both parents, are responsible for supporting the children they bring into the world. Before the taxpayer has to pay for this I think each of the mothers should be working as well. No one should be allowed to get any money or aid of any kind from the government (taxpayers) until they are working 40 hours a week. This guy may be a jerk, a deadbeat, stupid, etc. but clearly so are the women involved. I don’t want to pay for his children OR for the women’s children. Lets get the government out of it and allow/force the parents to take care of their own kids.

    • You got that right – plus this father? has a great last name ‘Hatchett’ if you get my drift. Both Heads! These sluts for women should be sterilized at Obama’s expense. Obama has plenty of the tax payers money 3 trillion and counting to geter done. BTW Do any of these kids look like Trayvon
      (you know Obama’s son)?
      FYI Have any of you noticed that the spell checks after all this time STILL don’t recognize the name Obama. That is because he isn’t American, he’s a Kenyan born Muslim. DUH!!!

  • Maggie.. so good to have you back.. I was getting worried..

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Somehow, I don’t feel sorry for them. And $1.49 per month sounds about right since you just KNOW the ‘mothers’ are collecting mad welfare checks. But seriously, will that poor man get justice? I sure hope so, since he behaved as any well trained slave would and increased his owners labor pool, he should not have to pay any of the expenses. Don’t argue, he would be stupid to think he wasn’t a slave, the law says he is a ‘protected’ minority who is entitled to ‘affirmative’ action. Ipso facto. The real question is, when is the next auction? We got surplus women and young workers to sell.

    • Taqiyya: Love that name. Maybe we should all be named that to send a loud, clear message to the evil government. For sure Obama would hear it plus his MF I mean MB. . . I get those confused sometimes. Not sorry!

  • How about we pay his child support and he gets castrated. Then he can pay his bills and never father another child.

  • This is scary reading but what worries me more is how many more do you think he will have in the next 5 years and what kind of a father to them will he be?

  • Welfare will pay for everything the mothers need. They’ll pay for housing, food, healthcare, transportation, and childcare. To may of these women, having these babies is insurance they’ll never have to get a job. These kids will be roaming the streets unsupervised by time they’re 6 years old.

  • That guy is absolutely disgusting! I feel for all of his children who will grow up without a father. Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for all his bastard children. I think the women he impregnated also bear a lot of the responsibility. Perhaps there should be a maximum on the number of children per person taxpayers must support. Definitely a lot less than 30!

    • GoneWithTheWind

      The “maximum on the number of children per person taxpayers must support” should be ZERO! ZIP! NADA! NONE! How did we ever get ourselves into a situation where hard working tax payers have to support non-working non-taxpaying lazy jerks???

  • Conan Andrews

    With the current state of economy, 30 children in 3 years! Maan! I am stuttled. I wonder if he still has intentions to have more.