A Plea to My Fellow Conservatives

I received this from my friend James M. Sharp.  A piece that speaks loudly to those who cry that they will vote 3rd party or not vote on November 6th, 2012.  Take heed of his words.

Dear fellow conservatives,

Well, it is the end of April; just over six months until election day. Arguably THE most important and potentially pivotal election in the history of our great nation. From all indications, it would appear that the stage is set and that the final combatants will be President Barack Hussein Obama and Governor Mitt Romney facing off against one another.

Many of you dislike Gov. Romney; I understand that and I understand the reasons why. Well, most of them, anyway. Gov. Romney was not my first choice of Republican candidates to face President Obama. He was not even my SECOND choice. But now that the other Republican candidates have fallen by the wayside, it is time to accept the fact that it is going to be Romney against Obama in the title bout.

I voted for John McCain in 2008. Was John McCain my choice for president? Not by a long shot. But I knew what Obama represented and I saw through his shiny veneer. So I did what I had to do. I voted for McCain. I know all about voting one’s conscience; I did it in 1992 when I was young and foolish. But I was disillusioned with President George H.W. Bush and I could not, in good conscience, cast a vote for him. I fancied myself a Libertarian, so I voted for the Libertarian candidate, Andre Marrou. This was in the pre-internet days and, although I knew very little about Marrou, I felt that my beliefs very closely aligned with the views of the Libertarians. What did my vote for Marrou accomplish? Very little – except for one very important thing: It helped to elect Bill Clinton. I have vowed to never again throw away my vote.

I need not tell you that we Americans are at a crossroads – perhaps, more accurately, a fork in the road. We have it in our power to decide which fork to take. We can either continue down the road toward European-type socialism under Barack Hussein Obama or we can take a right at the fork and attempt to roll back some of the “hope & change” that he has been wreaking upon our nation and its economy. Again, I acknowledge the fact that Mitt Romney is not the “perfect” candidate. But as far as I am concerned, the best thing that Romney has going for him is the fact that he is NOT OBAMA! And that, my dear friends, is good enough for me.

For over three years now, we have watched Obama and his band of thugs and thieves as they have tried to tear down the American Dream. They have managed to take grotesque deficit spending and kick it into hyperdrive in the name of rescuing us from “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression”. All we have heard is how much worse it COULD have been had we not spent all of that money – which we did not have in the first place.

We have watched one unbelievable event after another take place under this president’s watch: First, it was the $868 billion stimulus bill which accomplished basically nothing. The unemployment rate still went to over ten percent and has yet to dip below eight percent. This coming after the administration assured us that, by spending all of that money, the rate would not exceed eight percent. Then there was Obamacare which was passed using political chicanery against the will of the majority of the American people. Since its passage, we have heard experts state that the bill is going to do nothing to alleviate the problem of escalating health care costs and will, in all probability, increase costs for most people (i.e., those that actually work). We have seen record numbers of people living on the public dole under this president. Who can forget “Cash for Clunkers”? We have seen this administration trample upon the rights of states. First it was the Justice Department’s lawsuit against the State of Arizona seeking to invalidate that state’s immigration law. Then came the NLRB’s kowtowing to labor unions in Washington State by attempting to shut down a Boeing plant in South Carolina. How about “Fast & Furious”?

The list goes on and on.

Perhaps the most important point to consider when going to the polls (or not) in November is the fact that, if he is elected to a second term, Obama will get at least one – likely two – additional Supreme Court picks. This, my friends, could be the worst consequence of “Obama – Act 2”.

Again, I understand that many of you dislike Governor Romney. I GET it. But you need to think long and hard about your decision to either sit out the election or throw your vote away by writing in Ron Paul or someone else.

Our nation needs you. It needs your vote. Conservatism needs your vote. It may well be our last shot.

Many thanks & God bless America!

James M. Sharp

This election is too important to risk another 4 years for Obama.  In fact a vote for a third party IS a vote for Obama.

While I didn’t endorse any candidate, as it looks, Mitt Romney WILL be the Republican nominee and I will endorse him for President then.  And I will donate to his campaign.  I hope you will do too.  You can donate here.  Every cent counts this time.  AND EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!  Remember that on November 6, 2012.

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  • Well said! and so important to spread messages like these if we want to take our country back! Thank You Mr. Sharp, Findalis and Maggie! MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!

  • Right on. Get over your snit. Keep in mind there is a third party that I think will be available in all of the States. They are ready to rock if need be. Obama and his minions were behind it. Americans Elect– lets keep our eye on this one.

  • Carol

    Well said, indeed. I have a brother who voted for Ross Perot, TWICE! I told him that he and his dumb friends are the reason we had that embarrassment of Clinton in the White House for 8 years. Anyone who votes for a third party this time is definitely voting for Obama. I shudder to think what will happen to our freedoms and our way of life,if he is elected again.

    I pray that all Christians will remember that Jesus IS coming again to judge the world, and that they will be able to stand fast in their faith in our country, where they will be persecuted constantly if the unbelievers win again. They are getting stronger and more nasty as time goes on. Four more years of Obama will give them extreme power to persecute any believers. It will be a sad country.

  • No Bama, No way, No how, No matter…

  • There probably won’t be much choice, we get to trade Obama for Obama lite- but we get rid of the Obama we have. Romney is no conservative, he’s way to the left of Truman, JFK and even LBJ. The GOP Establishment dislikes conservatives as much as the the Democrats.

    Don’t forget it was actually Bush Senior who signed us up for Agenda 21 and signed the agreement that gave the Alaskan Islands to Russia. Boehner’s Congress passed NDAA and CISPA.. It was the GOP’s job to vet Obama, it’s also GOP’s job to do rein in an out of control President.. They didn’t and they’re not. The Establishment GOP is even blocking Issa’s attempts to do something about Holder.

    In his Farewell Address, Washington used at least a 1000 words to tell us what would happened if we allowed political parties to take control.. Every word of it is coming true while we watch. We may be stuck with Romney, guess I can get drunk enough to vote for him,

    That doesn’t mean we’re suck with GOP Choices for Congress, I see 3 websites have commented here, there are thousands more, we have twitter and Facebook. Using a concept similar to America Elects, we can run some real cheap Congressional Campaigns. It’s time to let both parties know we’re still around.

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  • One of the most damning statements by George Herbert Walker Bush was, “…We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.’s founders.”

    And it really torked me when he added the words, “When we are successful, and we will be,…” I guess he knew Obama was coming along to back up his words!

    So now that we have Romney as our ONLY choice what’s going to happen when he starts succumbing to the demands of the UN? I’m not giving up yet but we don’t seem to have any real choices…everybody that runs for the presidency is part of the politic elite…with money! If I can plagiarise GHWB’s quote above, “When we are successful, and we will be…when we get some poor hard working farmer from somewhere in the middle of Kansas into the White House… or even some old retired sergeant like me who’s not afraid to kick butt rather than kiss butts like the polotic elite!”

  • VOTE Romney or have a Muslim nation under Allah, it’s as simple as that. Sharia law, the Koran, Geoege Soros along with Pelosi, Hitlary will be running the place, giving all our money to the one world evil government. Obama is the anti-Christ, a Usurper Muslim through and through, Get ready for the beginning of THE END. Take heed: EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!


  • Mike Jagger

    I do not know why you all are hating President Obama so much but in my view his leadership was great. I respect your views, but I think he will be going back to the white house.

    • Ref:”I do not know why you all are hating President Obama so much…”

      None of us “hate” Obama, we hate his policies and if you cannot see that, then you are blind…and if you don not hate his policies then you are un-American…and if you cannot see that, then you’re too dumb to vote!

  • We all know how the American economy nose-dived during Obama’s presidential term. The numbers about growth & GDP have been the worst in past so many years. Surely Obama has failed to live up to the expectations of American people. Since the economic figures don’t speak in Obama’s favor, he is trying to take the attention away from economic issues like attacking on Romney for holding Swiss Bank accounts. This will surely not help Obama’s case. Romney may not be the best presidential candidate though, but he might just score little better over Obama.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I am a conservative and I hate the direction (away from the constitution and towards socialism/communism) our government is going and has been going at varying speeds for some 80 years or more. I did not vote for Obama and will not. However I’m just not sure you are correct. Will Obama destroy our great constitutional republic? Yes! Will his “progressive” (socialist) policies destroy our economy and our military? Yes! But he will do it fast as opposed to the last 80 years of slow destruction and it will create a “revolution” (hopefully not a violent one) that could lead to a restoration of our constitution and our rights.
    Will Romney “fix” our economy? No, or probably not intentionally. Will Romney reverse our headlong plunge into Socialism? No! Will Romney stop illegal immigration and make substantial efforts to find and deport illegals? No! Will Romney take the hard medicine and force us all to take the hard medicine to dramatically reduce the size and spending of the federal government? No! After four years of Romney will we be better off, will taxes be lower, will our debt be lower? No! And because of this the voters will elect another progressive/liberal in 2016 and we will again plinge over the cliff to destruction.

    It is unlikely that we can survive our massive debt, our massive illegal (and legal) immigration, our growing and ever more expensive federal bureaucracy, etc. without a dramatic turn around. The ONLY thing even likely to cause that is Obama’s re-election. Either way in 10-20 years we will NOT be the same country we were as recently as the 1980’s. If 20 million illegals get amnesty we will never have a conservative president or congress again and within 3 years we will have another 20 million illegals demanding amnesty. We are done. The pop up timer (like the one in your thanksgiving turkey) is just about to pop. Stick a fork in us we are done. All that is left for most of us is surviving the next 10-20 years until we have total social and economic collapse and are invaded by China on the West coast and Russia on the East. Good luck!

    • Thanks Gone With The Wind… I think your assessment is pretty accurate but I still believe there is a way out of this mess. Vote for me! In all seriousness, I could do it within one term…actually within two or three years. But I’m just a nobody and therefor it will never happen and your assessment would see itself through.
      By the way, if it were possible for an unknown like me to occupy the White House there would be one present Attorney General behind bars along with a few other surprises.

    • Whew! First – don’t believe in LUCK. Second glad for not living around this kind of negativity. We need to believe all things are possible with God. Where is your faith?? I’m thankful not every one thinks like this.
      Change your mind, trust God – pray for America.