Zimmerman Calls Hannity? Zimmerman Out of Florida? Zimmerman Contacts Prosecutor? Attorneys Quit

There’s a lot of action in the George Zimmerman case as Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey has refused to send the case to a Grand Jury. She is still deciding what she will do with Zimmerman. In the meantime, both of Zimmerman’s attorney have quit because he has contacted Fox News’ Sean Hannity directly, and Corey directly. That is every attorney’s nightmare. Your client, who is deeply in trouble, begins talking to those outside of his own team. Not a good thing. Attorney Hal Uhrig says he last spoke to Zimmerman on Sunday, and indicates he may have left the state of Florida.

Angela Corey

“One of the things every defense attorney tells his client is don’t talk to the prosecutors,” said Uhrig, adding that he is concerned about his former client’s “emotional and physical safety.”

Uhrig also seemed to suggest that Zimmerman had left the state of Florida.

“For those of you engaged in the late Easter egg hunt looking for him, you can stop looking in Florida. Look much further away than that,” he told reporters.

About Zimmerman, Sonner would say only, “He’s in the United States.”

“I still believe that he was acting in self-defense that night. Nothing that I’ve said about him, or this case, has changed in any way. I just can’t proceed to represent a client who doesn’t stay in contact with me,” said Sonner.

Information on Angela Corey from New York Daily News:

The fate of George Zimmerman now rests in the hands of one of Florida’s toughest prosecutors.

State Attorney Angela Corey was thrust into the national spotlight on Monday when she announced that she – and not a grand jury – would decide whether to charge Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26.

The former special prosecutor on the case, Norman Wolfinger, called for a grand jury in March, but later recused himself from the case.

Gov. Rick Scott appointed Corey to take over on March 23.

In the video below, you’ll hear that George Zimmerman has set up a website to raise defense money, and did it a way that surprised his then-attorneys.

The United Nation thinks it can stop another situation like the Zimmerman-Martin encounter somewhere in the world. Isn’t that a bag of laughs. The U.N. can do nothing. They can’t even police their own human rights. They have a raging anti-Semite as Special Rapporteur of the Human Rights Council, and Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the Congo and China are on the Council with a horde of other suspect countries. The Security Council is overrun with Arabs – proclaimed terrorists all. When Obama finally leaves the White House, he will eventually end up at the helm of the United Nations (don’t doubt me). When that happens, we must have a conservative in the Oval Office.

George Zimmerman’s previous attorneys speak (video)

  • Zimmerman is dead? Could be. He is depressed. He could see suicide as a way out. If he is dead, Martin’s parents cannot sue. He was never arrested. That is why they want him arrested. Not for “Justice” but for the money they can get.

    • findalis, he doesn’t sound like the kind that will commit suicide, although I don’t know. It also sounds like his family knows where he is because they set up the website with him, although he had already met with attorneys to set up another.

  • Rodney

    In view of the recent events involving Trayvon Martian and George Zimmerman and the out and out railroading job the news media and the New Black Panthers pulled off against Mister Zimmerman I have one big question to ask. Where is the outrage from the Hispanic community? Has the Hispanic community be told you get line gringo and don’t say a word? I noticed how quick the Black community called for killing old George and yet the Hispanics sit on there butts and do nothing…. Come on guys one of your own is about to take a big fall perpetrated by the racist media and new Black Panthers while you guys sit around and eat your Tacos.