Zimmerman 911 Full Audio of Calls: Guy on Top Had A White T-Shirt

The audio/video below contains numerous 911 calls made while the Zimmerman-Martin confrontation was underway. The only new information I hear, other than several callers who all have about the same conversation with differing 911 operators, is at about 12:17 minutes in. A woman/girl who called in had this exchange with the 911 Operator:

Woman: “The guy on top had a white T-shirt.

911: What do you mean the guy on top? Did you see a fight?

Woman: I don’t know. I looked out my window and there’s a guy on top with a white T-shirt.

911: A white t-shirt? Did you see what kind of pants?

Woman: No.

911: Okay. He was on top of what?

Woman: I couldn’t see the other thing. I couldn’t see the person he was on.

911: But he was on top of a person?

Woman Um Hmmm.

911: The guy with the white T-shirt. Did he get up and run?

Woman: I didn’t see. I went to my phone and called you.

911: Okay, was he White, Black or Hispanic

Woman: I couldn’t tell. It was completely dark.

The video police released show George Zimmerman in a grey T-shirt with a black and red overshirt. Trayvon Martin was allegedly wearing a hoodie. This is my first time to hear mention of a “white T-shirt.” How about you?

The poster above is calling for a National Day of  No School, No Work, No Shopping on April 9th, the day the Florida Grand Jury convenes in the case. Read the story here.

Full disclosure. I have listened to only portion of the following video which is courtesy of JaneSpeaks. The above conversation is directly from the video below, which is 40:22 minutes long. I did listen to all of this video which is 34:16 minutes long. I believe the two are identical other than some commentary in the video below.


George Zimmerman and Calls from Neighbors to 911 (video/audio)

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  • Dana

    I wonder if the caller thought the hoodie jacket was a long sleeved t-shirt? After all, the hood probably wouldn’t stay on the head while Trayvon Martin was fighting with Zimmerman.

  • David Rodriguez

    First, I want to make it clear that I too believe this was an act of racial profiling and murder for which G.Z. should experience the harshest punishment possible. Things like this make our society take two huge steps backward for every one we took towards progress. That said, your take on those that did not help and why an ambulance was not sent immediately is absolutely illogical and the type of classic hind site that sets us back even more. Police are sent first to secure the scene making it safe for the EMT personnel. As for running out in the dark towards the sound of a struggle with a weapon like you suggested is just as bad as the action G.Z. took. Same snap judgement. Foolish comments. Your heart is in the right place but your mind is not. Sorry, just shooting straight with ya.