Two Sanford Florida Blacks Beat White Mans Head with Hammer: Julius Bender Yahaziel Israel No Hate Crime Charges

A reader left a comment today on a previous story I did about Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel, asking why the media is not talking about this, with an unnamed 50-year-old White man on life support and the these two Black animals barely mentioned in the news, in fact – early on, purposefully not identified as Black by the Orlando Sentinel. As I began a search for updated information, I found that Bender and Israel are from Sanford, Florida, the same town where George Zimmerman had his encounter with Trayvon Martin. The perps have been charged, but Hate Crime charges are absent. Maybe being armed on the streets of Sanford is a necessity for Whites.

Yahaziel Israel - Julius Bender


The Sanford Herald:

Investigators believe Bender and Israel beat a 50-year-old man with a hammer inside his vehicle and then took him into the woods in the area of Beardall Avenue and Lincoln Street where they continued to attack him.

A witness that heard the victim’s cries for help and saw the beating called 911, but Bender and Israel fled the area before deputies arrived. The two men left in the victim’s vehicle, abandoning it a short distance away. Deputies found the victim in the woods, barely conscious and with severe head injuries.

Take a look at this from my previous article:

Even though the police put the race of the victim in the incident report, the media censored this information. A reporter for the Orlando Sentinel confirmed that the race of the victim was omitted on purpose. The Orlando Sentinel removed the suspects’ mug shots shortly after wrote about the attack. Then when readers began posting angry comments on the Orlando Sentinel website, the mug shots went back up a few hours later.

The “White” man was beaten in Midway, Florida, 6 miles from Sanford, Florida but both Bender and Israel are allegedly Sanford residents. Both men could be Barack Obama’s son. They are charged with attempted homicide, burglary with assault or battery, and armed burglary – but not a hate crime.  Curiously I find no updates on the condition of the victim. Thanks to Ironic Surrealism for the photo.

  • Are they Black Panthers? Did they attend any Sharpton/Jackson rallies?

    • Good questions!
      One thing for sure, being as they live in Sanford, that unless they have been living in a cave, they have likely been influenced buy the cabal of race arsonists that have plagued the town.

  • Thanks for the linkage Maggie!
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  • It didn’t fit the criteria for the left’s agenda.

  • I am a true conservative. I don’t care about race. Evil is evil, hate crimes are BS.

  • Since Obambi these hate crimes are becoming more and more. The evil pricks are all coming out of their closets knowing Obambi will not do anything to see this stops. Obama is creating class warfare to intimidate the whites and it is evil as hell. Obambi cares about race, because he is a racist, that works on the mind creating fear. Soros a Nazi collaborator and a wanted man with the organization of Color of Change is at the back of this detestable evil. Pray for the good people of Sanford. Obama must GO, or it is only going to get worse, everywhere. What a shame!!! America deserves better.

  • Guess this pretty well Fk’s up Sanford,FL. huh? Too bad, well the same to the ones in back of all these HATE crimes, 100 fold. “Both men could be Barack Obama’s son.” How many of these devilish kids does BHO have? TOO MANY!
    Fair warning ALL whites need to be packing and traveling in twos, no packs!
    This is getting bloody serious.

  • DMT

    And where is the OUTRAGE on this crime? What no Al Sharpion, Jesse Jackson, etc… Ah I see we only have the medi blast certain things which bumps the ratings.

    I feel bad that this type of stuff is going on. Sad, so sad..