Tulsa Good Friday Shooter Jake England: Mother Teri Alexander In Prison, Lots of African American Family – Hate Crimes Charged

The “Good Friday Shooters,” Jake England and Allen Watts were charged with “hate crimes” today in Tulsa. Jake England’s mother, Teri Alexander, is in prison. She has written a letter to an attorney pleading for help for her son (see the letter below). She says her family members, including Jake, are not racists and do not hate Blacks, and in fact, two of her grandchildren are Black. Alexander said the death of Jake’s father, Carl England, at the wrong end of a gun held by a Black man, and the suicide of Jake’s girlfriend – the mother of his infant child, has overwhelmed him and he lost his will to live at very young age of 18 or 19. At the time of the Good Friday Shootings, Jake was allegedly responsible for his infant child and his younger sister, Carly.

Jake England and infant son

If you are not familiar with the story, on Good Friday one week ago today, Jake England and his friend Allen Watts allegedly (they have confessed) drove to north Tulsa (predominately Black or predominately other than White) and randomly shot 5 people, at five different places in a short period of time. All were Black. Three died. The locations of the five victims was in the vicinity where his father was shot dead about two years ago. Jake England is a Cherokee Indian – not sure how much Cherokee blood he has. In press he is generally reported to be White.

Here are the details from Carl England’s death and the shooter Pernell Demond Jefferson:

1) Pernell Demond Jefferson was a convicted felon. He pled guilty to “feloniously pointing a firearm and domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor in a 2007 case.”

Some time about two years ago…

2) Jake England’s sister, Carly England’s boyfriend, Damien Neal, got into some kind of fracas with Pernell Jefferson

3) Neal later testified that on April 5, 2010 Pernell Jefferson came to the apartment he shared with Carly looking for marijuana at 9:30 pm at night. Neal told Jefferson they did have marijuana in their house, and Carly told Damien Neal she did not know Pernell Jefferson.

(in the first video below you will hear Jake England say that his two nephews, Carly’s children, were inside the apartment at the time. That was two years ago. The bodys are 4 and 3 years old today)


4) Jefferson forced his way into the apartment by breaking through the screen door. According to testimony, Jefferson tried to get Neal to move around the corner where there “ain’t no cameras at.” Neal said he grabbed a baseball bat and as things escalated, he hit Jefferson with it. Jefferson promised he would be back.

5) Carly called her father. Jefferson returned in “less than one minute,” “kicking at the apartment’s back door.”

6) Carl England arrived and entered the apartment through the front door as Jefferson was at the back door.

7) Jake England was outside. Carly and Neal went outside and they all followed Carl.

8) Neal testified that he could see Jefferson with a gun as Carl England approached.

9) Carl was trying to talk to Jefferson, but Jefferson kept “coming.” Carl hit Jefferson “over the head with the wheelbarrow handle,” to defend himself. Carl tried to hit him a second time, but Jefferson raised his gun and fired into Carl’s chest.

10) Carl England fell on top of Jefferson, who struggled to get up and run.

11) Jake England testified that he was outside and saw Jefferson with the gun as he tried to kick in the back door.

12) Jake did not see his father get shot, but heard the gunfire, ran to his father and saw Jefferson run.

The above is my interpretation of this Tulsa World article.  

Pernell Jefferson was out on probation of the 2007 charges. Had he served his sentence he would not have been on the loose, knocking on stranger’s doors looking for week. Carl England would not be dead.


Jefferson’s probation was revoked and he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for…burglary and possession of a firearm (and remember, he was already a felon – had he not had a firearm, England would not be dead). Carl England’s death was ruled “justifiable homicide.” How soon will Jefferson be on the street’s again, and what will he be packing?

Pernell Jefferson

Both Jake England and Allen Watts have confessed to pulling the trigger. They are each charged with three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill and five counts of malicious intimidation or harassment. the “malicious intimidation or harassement” is Oklahoma’s version of a “hate crime” charge. However:

First-degree murder is punishable by death or life in prison in Oklahoma. Prosecutors said decisions about whether to seek the death penalty are usually made after a preliminary hearing. A first conviction under the state’s malicious harassment law — which applies in cases where a victim is specifically targeted because of race, religion, ancestry, natural origin or disability — carries up to a year in jail.

Does any state need a hate crime law when it comes to murder? What more can be done than to render a sentence of Death or life in prison?

Here is Teri Alexander’s letter to an attorney from Newson6:

I just saw the devastating news about my son Jake England’s arrest in the random shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday evening. I am writing to plead with you to represent him because only excellent representation perhaps combined with a miracle can save him from certain death in this high profile case.

Jake has had to deal with far more than his share of burdens in his short life and unfortunately he has not had the best set of circumstances to prepare him for these burdens.

Although his father Carl and I loved him and his two sisters Carly and Cady dearly, we divorced when they were very young and Carl raised the kids mostly on his own. He was a loving parent, bur [sic] overwhelmed at times I’m sure.

I had a severe drug problem that culminated in me coming to prison nearly a decade after committing arson in an attempt to end an abusive relationship.

Our family does not hate black people. Two of my beloved grandchildren are African American. After Carl’s murder in an attempt to defend Carly and her African American boyfriend from and African American assailant, Jake had a lot of responsibilities piled on him and I think it was all too much.

Then just recently his girlfriend shot herself in front of his eyes with their baby and toddler in the room. Jake was then responsible for my youngest child Cady, his baby and his girlfriend’s small child. I could do nothing but write letters and hear about these horrible events secondhand.

I am desperate to help my son in any way I can and I believe that the media, the justice system and the wounded African American community will be so eager to make an example out of Jake that his humanity, his youth, and his core of essential goodness will be forgotten. Jake has lost the will to live, so I must have the will for him to go on and to fight for his life. Please help my son.

Thank you,
Teri Alexander
Mabel Bassett Correctional Center

Al Sharpton cancelled his Sunday trip to Tulsa in light of the “hate crime” charges. No need to waste his time. Jesse Jackson showed up today anyway, speaking from the pulpit of First Baptist Church of North Tulsa where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also once preached. Ever the race baiter:

Jackson yells out to a crowd: “Are there racial tensions in Tulsa? Yes” 

Jackson says he’s here to speak about equality and he will be devising a plan with Tulsa members of the NAACP and black legislators.

They will also want changes to Oklahoma laws. Source KJRH

Jackson said a hate crime “must be a felony and not a misdemeanor.” He forgets he is in Tulsa – not Chicago. When a hate crime can be one ethnicity spitting on another ethnicity, maybe a felony isn’t realistic – or maybe it is?

Jackson is also complaining that “this is not a conviction….” Well, we’re only one week out. Give us some time. Oklahoma is tough on crime. Jake England’s life is over.

In the video below you will hear attorney Clark Brewster contradict some of the numbered information above. He says Carl England was killed in front of Jake, not that Jake was nearby, and heard the shot, but did not see it. He indicates that Carly England married a Black man and had two children, Jakes nieces and/or nephews. Can’t tell if he talking about Damien Neal who is Black but is identified as a ‘boyfriend.’  Jake was 17 when his father died. Was 8 when his Mother went to prison. Jake has not seen his Mother since, but has talked to her by telephone. Jake met a woman who was older, about 2 years ago. She had two children and they recently had a child together. She committed suicide in January 2012 due to post partum depression. Brewster says Jake grew up on Tulsa’s north side and is a product of the north side – and is not racist.

I send my thanks to Sharpton for keeping the heck away.

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  • He has had a tough life. Doesn’t excuse what he did. I am not a believer in the death penalty, but he should never she the light of day again.

    • jacg, I agree and said the same in another post, although I do believe in the death penalty. In this case I hope he gets life, but that may be more brutal than death. He is so young. I’m glad it’s not my decision. It’s really terrible what so many parents do to their children.

      By the same token, there are children now with no parents because of these two men. Wives with no husband. It’s senseless. And very sad.

  • The concept of “hate crime” has to be one of the most asinine concepts ever invented by mankind. Punishment should fit the crime. The motivation for the crime is irrelevant.

  • Skeptic

    Wow…So many things bothersome about your post.

    First up is part of the title “Lots of African-American family”. Where is the source for this claim? The mother’s letter mentioned two nephews who are half Black. Are there others out there or two is your definition of “Lots”? Next is the recitation of “facts” of Carl England’s killing. The Tulsa World article you linked plus another one on April 8th led me(and apparently the police, judge, jury) to some different “facts”:

    Damien Neal hit Jefferson with the bat before he tried to break in.

    Does this weed story even pass the smell test? From what I understand, weed is not like meth or PCP where the user is whacked out of his mind. Jefferson was so out of it that he was just randomly knocking on doors? If they had weed or previously sold weed would Neal and Carly England admit it? Did one of them sell and the other not know about it?

    Looking at numbers five and six of your list you mention Carly called her father while Jefferson was at the back door in “less than a minute” after leaving the front door and then Carl shows up while Jefferson was still at the back door. Did Carl “blink” in I Dream of Jeannie style? Where was he that he could arrive while all this was still going on? Another take on those events was that Carly and Damian bit off more then they could chew and called in reinforcements (who just happened to have a wheelbarrow handle handy) to go after Jefferson. It was also not made clear in your list that Jefferson was on the ground after Carl’s first attempt to “talk” and that Jefferson shot up at him when Carl was about to “talk” to him again with the wheelbarrow handle.

    In any case, Jefferson is a criminal and no matter the circumstances, Jake England has had a lot of tragedy in his young life. That doesn’t excuse his seeking revenge against an entire race for the actions of one member. Would he feel the same if his nephews were in the area with their father while he was on his shooting spree? If someone went after his family for what some other White or Native American did to him would that be mitigation in any way?

    How is hate crime in Chicago somehow different from hate crime in Tulsa? Targeting five people solely on race is the very definition of a hate crime and should be a felony. Spitting on someone could go either way for me. In the linked article, I think I would go for felony based on the woman’s repeated actions especially if she spat at their bodies rather than the ground or something.

    Jesse Jackson’s comment? I got nothin’.

    • The earlier reports did say he had “lots” of African American family and that could be extensions of Carly’s husband’s family. Nevertheless, two nephews are significant. Don’t you know that today we don’t talk about being half-Black? Jake England is some part Cherokee, but we don’t talk about that either. The nephews would be part Cherokee as well.

      My point was to pass on what information I found, most of which came from our local paper. I’m not a prosecutor or a defense attorney. This is the news that’s there.

      I said in the post that Neal hit Jefferson with a baseball bat. Did Jefferson push his way into their home? Seems he did.

      I said in an earlier post that nothing about this is excusable. I think this whole story is a product of parenting. Two parents making terrible mistakes, raising children to do the same.

      I think Carly and boyfriend should have called police. I think Carl England should not have tried to do anything at that time.

      My Chicago comment was a comment on Jackson who spends a lot of time in Chicago and should take his comments on laws and crimes there. Tulsa is nothing like Chicago which is a roiling cauldron of crime.

      I agree about spitting. That’s why I linked that story. The problem is, crime against a White person is never a hate crime.

      I don’t care about “weed.” That was in the local paper’s story.

      But…it does not seem that this is a not story about race. Had White men killed his father, he would have hated them. But it turns out that a man who should have been in prison for crimes with a gun from 2007 was out…and he had a gun. It’s that simple. That’s my point.

  • Skeptic


    If the killer of his White(?) father had been White or Cherokee, he would have written “Fuckin Cracker killed my Dad” or Fuckin’ Injun killed my Dad” on his Facebook page? Okay, if that’s what you want to believe, there’s nothing I could say to dissuade you.

    I also missed the rule about half Black. It’s probably not exactly accurate anyway because I have no idea what other races are in Neal’s history besides Black. In any case, Jake England’s part Black, part White, part Cherokee,part ? nephews are quite significant but they still don’t add up to “Lots” IMO.

    I only brought up my skepticism about their marijuana tale because the spin you put on the local paper’s story seemed to take the accounts of Carly England, Damian Neal, and Jake England as gospel truth when the fact that Jefferson wasn’t even charged with murder or manslaughter leads me believe their version of events may not have been entirely credible to the authorities.

    I’m not sure because your last paragraph had a double negative in the first sentence, but I believe (based on the tone of your blog) you meant to say that this isn’t a story about race. If so, I have to strongly disagree. I checked a couple of websites and none show the Black population in Tulsa to be greater than 15% or so. Those are some incredible Mega Millions type odds that out of 5 people shot, 100% of them were Black. Just like it would be incredible odds if one of the relatives of Watts/England’s 5 victims went on a shooting spree at a Cherokee community center or a Glenn Beck rally and when caught he claimed he was just upset and that in NO WAY was it racially motivated.

  • Skeptic, Jake England went after the community where his father was shot. He was racist in his comments on FB, but only because of how his father died. He has been charged with a hate crime, so get over it. He will never be outside of prison a single day in however his long his life is.

    Had the prison system done their duty, Jefferson would not have been on the streets. The story in the Tulsa World was solely about Carl England’s death. The World is unwaveringly Liberal. Had there been another way to tell the story, they would have. The natural position for the Tulsa World is that Jefferson would be their hero. They used court documents.

    I put exactly NO SPIN on the marijuana. It doesn’t matter. He showed up at their door.

    Isn’t your president Black, not White?

    Had someone at a Tea Party or a Glenn Beck rally killed his father, yes I think he might have mowed them down at a rally. It would not have been a hate crime, had he done so.

    I’ve seen only one photo of his father and it was a very poor one. He looked like he was Native American, but I do not know.

    If this had happened at a Cherokee community center, I don’t know what would have happened.

  • Skeptic


    You might want to take your own advice and “get over it” that England and Watts were charged with hate crimes. I only answered in response to people claiming it shouldn’t be. It’s clear that either you don’t think such crimes should exist and/or that they are not universally applied when White people are victims. At the risk of citing what you’ll likely call another liberal source, Wikipedia says that 20% of hate crimes had White victims. Now granted this data was from 2002 and undoubtedly many of the White victims could have been Gay or Lesbian, but it still discounts the ongoing meme that ONLY White on Black crimes get hate crime designations.

    The race of the victim and perp is not the only thing that signifies a hate crime. Removing race from the equation, try the following scenario:

    A guy of Palestinian descent was walking by a Jewish temple’s parking lot and sees a man getting into his car and tries to rob him. The Jewish man resists and the Palestinian guy shoots and kills him.

    Result: No hate crime

    Another Palestinian guy gets a telephone call from a relative in the West Bank that his nephew died in an Israeli jail. This Palestinian goes by that same temple and waits until services are over and shoots a Jewish kid who looks about the same age as his nephew.

    Result: Hate crime

    I don’t see why the concept is so difficult to understand. It’s the same reason why terrorism is added above and beyond whatever initial crime is charged. The purpose is to discourage and further penalize the attempt to punish an innocent individual from a particular group for the real or perceived crimes of a member of that group.

    My point about the Glenn Beck rally and the Cherokee community center wasn’t that someone from one of those places did any killing. It was to illustrate how wrong it would be for a relative of one of the five people killed on Good Friday to blame the ENTIRE White and Cherokee races for the actions of England and Watts and go and kill some random White and Cherokee people as revenge. (Sorry, I don’t know Tulsa neighborhoods so I couldn’t immediately think of a place where a person looking specifically for White and Cherokee victims would know to go)

    I also did not come away with “hero” from the Tulsa World articles. I got late 30’s career criminal up to no good on the night in question who ended up killing someone after an altercation. How *should* they have reported it so as not to be labeled “unwaveringly Liberal”?

    Obama is roughly half Black and half White. I know I’ve again violated your “half” rule but I don’t know how else to categorize him. I think we’ve probably seen the same bad quality picture of Carl England. I thought he looked White in it but have no way of knowing either way.

    You say truth, I say spin. We are obviously not going to agree on too much of anything 🙂

    • Skeptic, I do not believe hate crimes should exist. If killing a person in cold blood, is not an automatic hate crime, then what is?

      It’s not my “half rule.” Remember the media refers to George Zimmerman as a White Hispanic.

      We’ve examined this thoroughly. Move on please.

  • Skeptic

    You should have indicated in your reply section that this is an echo chamber and you only welcome those that blindly agree and don’t ask you to back up your views. [Well… Back up with something other than BECAUSE I SAY SO. Unfortunately, that only works for a little while with little kids which is a category I left a long long LONG time ago :)]

    I quoted YOU regarding saying someone was half.

    “Don’t you know that today we don’t talk about being half-Black?”

    Hadn’t heard that before so I figured it must be the rule on Maggie’s Notebook.

    No hard feelings…Happy to “move on” and out.

  • Skeptic, you might fault me for not agreeing to how you see this story, but you cannot fault me for not discussing it with you. I’ve tried to explain everything you have brought up, from my viewpoint. You keep attacking and demeaning. I’ve backed up everything from the only source I could find. In part, (maybe all) they were using court transcripts for much of the article. There is not a lot of information on Carl England’s death and I notice you have not provided any links to more.

    I also explained the “half-black” comment. I’ve left nothing you have brought up, unexplained. I said to move on because from you I expect only more remarks such as the “Because I say so…” comment. You are only interested in arguing and I’ve given you my time as well as my information.