The Inner Workings Of An Idiot’s Mind

Al Kill the Jew Sharpton, host of MSNBC’s Politics Nation, has been at the forefront of the Trayvon Martin debacle, the Twana Brawley hoax, the Crown Heights Riot, and the Freddie’s Fashion Mart fire has been the premier interviewer and commentator at MSNBC.  Recently he interviewed one of the two US Navy pilots that ejected before their F-18 jet crashed into an apartment building in Virginia.  This is the transcript of that interview from the Daily Rash.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – One of the two pilots of the Navy F-18 jet that crashed into a Virginia apartment building on Friday appeared on MSNBC’s Politics Nation with host Al Sharpton. The pilots were able to eject from the aircraft before it crashed into the apartment complex, engulfing several buildings in flames. During his interview the pilot expressed heartfelt remorse about the crash. Following is a transcript of the show. 

AL SHARPTON:  I appreciate you have accepted our gracious inquest in your time of great need.

BARTHOLOMEW:  I’m sorry?

AL SHARPTON:  Now, I must tell my audience that you have asked me to call you Bart-a ?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Bartholomew

AL SHARPTON:  Can you clarify for my audience why you’re not using your real name? Is this not America?

BARTHOLOMEW:  I agreed to the interview on the condition that my identity remain anonymous.

AL SHARPTON:  What does being an Adonis have to do with crashing your plane into an innocent apartment building?


AL SHARPTON:  Mr. Bartha?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Bartholomew

AL SHARPTON:  How ’bout I just call you Bert?


AL SHARPTON:  Now, Bert, I want you to be honest because you’re on live TV and I want to ask you, were you texting on your cellphone when you crashed the plane?

BARTHOLOMEW:  No, of course not.

AL SHARPTON:  No defense, but when Al Sharpton investigates a story the hard questions are gonna be heard.

BARTHOLOMEW:  I understand. No uh, defense taken.

AL SHARPTON:  Do you admit that what could be conscrewed as a careless act of self imposition may have impacted innumerable lives to be lost, including the lives of minorities?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Uh, I am very aware that crashing the plane could have been catastrophic.

AL SHARPTON:  Not only claustrophobic, but could it have the potential of killing live human beings and even some African Americans?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Fortunately at this time there are not any reports of severe injuries or deaths. I pray it stays that way.

AL SHARPTON:  At this time there are no deaths, you say.


AL SHARPTON:  What about people who may have died in an advertent manner due to your improprieties?

BARTHOLOMEW:  I don’t understand.

AL SHARPTON:  Let’s say, hypothenically, that an elderly woman of color was looking out her window when your plane
crashed across the street from her.


AL SHARPTON:  And let’s say, and again, this is just a hypothentical, what if that woman had a heart attack because she was so afraid?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Well, that would be a tragedy.

AL SHARPTON:  Not just a tragedy, but would it not also be a travesty of heinous proportions about the escalator of racism in the United States?

BARTHOLOMEW:  I’m not sure I see …

AL SHARPTON:  Would you not then anticipate a resurrected leader of the people to demonstrate against the remergence of Jim Crow?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Sir, I don’t …

AL SHARPTON:  Because I will march!


AL SHARPTON:  Did you hear that President Obama invited me to the White House for Easter?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Congratulations, sir.

AL SHARPTON:  Thank you. Now, I was told that you and the other pilot ejaculated before your plane crashed and you dumped your load all over the neighborhood.

BARTHOLOMEW:  Uh, we dumped our fuel and ejected from the cockpit before the crash.

AL SHARPTON:  So what do you plan to do about that African American woman you may or may not have killed.

BARTHOLOMEW:  You’ve kind of lost me…

AL SHARPTON:  What do you have to say to her family?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Uh, I don’t know.

AL SHARPTON:  Don Imus apologized to me.


AL SHARPTON:  Lots of white men apologize to me. Would you be willing to apologize to me on behalf of African Americans?

BARTHOLOMEW:  Apologize on their behalf?

AL SHARPTON:  I accept your apology. Now it’s time for me to pack for my trip to the White House where I’ll be spending Easter at the bequest of the Commander of Chiefs, President Obama.

This pilot was a HERO for what he and his partner did.  Yet all Al Kill the Jew Sharpton could do is try to pin an imaginary death of a Black woman to make this HERO look like a racist.

The true racists are those idiots who watch this poor excuse for a human being and this poor excuse of an human being.

One day people will turn on Al Sharpton and his ilk.  G-d help him then.

  • Holly

    We are happy you liked one of our posts enough to include it on your site. We’d be even happier if you let your readers know that it belongs to us. Thanks!

  • Just to be clear Findalis: This interview is satire, fake, humor, as in never took place. Right? If I’m wrong, please let me know. I realize Sharpton is an idiot with the papers to prove it, but this if this is a real transcript, he’s even crazier than I thought.

    Right Truth

    • Yes. I really should put up a warning. One can never tell with Sharpton though.

  • It sounds so much like Sharpton, it’s hard to distinguish satire from reality with him. ha

    • TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiot and then some. hehehehehe Sharpton is sick minded, just like, you know who. Got to be carefull these days in case a secret serviceman should be lurking around on the blog, having sex with an under age call girl, that, you know who, knew nothing about. OH YEAH!!!!

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  • I wasn’t sure either Debbie, few generations ago they’d have institutionalized him for the rest of his life so he wouldn’t be a threat— hmm, Maddow, Mathews Sharpton maybe MSNBC is an institution

  • David

    After reading several of these outlandish stories by Mark Donahue at the Daily Rash I have to conclude that this story, however believable, is satirical fake news intended only as humor and is not to be considered “news” as such. I do not see any disclaimers pertaining to this particular story on The Daily Rash website and so we can watch out for the wrath of the left against Mr Donahue.

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  • I believe every word!

  • I love the Daily Rash, it IS satire, and it is HILARIOUS! Findalis, you really should put a little note in this post advising people that this is humor because it is quite close to the stuff that actually cones out of Sharpton’s piehole, and you don’t want folks thinking you’re gullible. This is Maggie’s Notebook, not The Weekly World News. 😉