Sarah Palin Wins Katie Couric Rating War – Media Ignores Sarah’s Tuesday Ratings Victory: Couric Gets Her Own Show

Days after the up-and-down weekly ratings war last week between Perky Katie anchoring on Good Morning America (GMA) at the same time Sarah Palin anchored on the Today Show, most are ignoring Sarah’s Tuesday win. In the end, no one out here in the audience cares about any of it but Tuesday, with Sarah and Couric. NBC suits are undoubtedly happy that Today won the week’s ratings, but the real news is that Sarah’s ratings were better than Katie’s. Hardly a peep about that little detail in the press. And then there’s news I had not heard. Couric is debuting a new talk show “Katie” this Fall and wants Sarah as one of her first guests. Maybe Sarah will be really busy with something important, like ice fishing.

Sarah Palin - Katie Couric

Here is a look at the week, day-by-day from MediaBistro. The “Today” show’s best day in Total Viewers was Tuesday, when Sarah Palin guest co-hosted. The best day in the demo was Wednesday, when Ryan Seacrest was on. GMA’s best day in both Total Viewers and the demo was Wednesday, the morning after the “Dancing with the Stars” results show.”

Day                Show   Viewers   A25-54    Show    Viewers   A25-54
Monday        Today     5.11M      2.20M           GMA     4.78M      1.76M

Tuesday     Today   5.50M    2.21M          GMA     5.14M     1.92M

Wed.            Today      5.15M      2.25M          GMA       5.27M      1.93M

Thurs.          Today      5.07M     2.09M          GMA       4.64M      1.86M

Friday         Today       4.72M     1.93M           GMA        4.69M     1.67M

The Huffington Post doesn’t want to talk about Tuesday.

The LA Times doesn’t want to talk about Tuesday.

USA Today simply says Palin did “fine.”

Politico says Today won on Tuesday but doesn’t mention that was Sarah’s day.

Blogs Get It!

Hot Air.

The Blaze.


In news I missed, Radar Online says Couric’s new talk show “Katie” will air this Fall and she wants her first guest to be Sarah Palin.

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