Sarah Palin Co-Hosting Today on Tuesday Morning: Palin Hated Because She Refused to Kill Her Baby?

I was catching up on the news that Sarah Palin is co-hosting the Today Show tomorrow morning (Tuesday). I found an article that examines the dynamics of the choice of Sarah at the Today desk with Matt Lauer, and the news that the wildly popular Ryan Secrest will appear with some big announcement (replacing Lauer???), and Katie Couric will be somewhere doing something at the same time all this going on. But the thing that really grabbed my attention in the article written by Lisa de Moraes was her last line and the conclusion that those who hate her so intensely, do it “because she refused to kill her baby.” I think she is spot-on.

Sarah Palin and Trig

Todd Palin and Trig

Washington Post, Lisa de Moraes:

It is truly amazing how many people who disdain Sarah Palin have nothing specific to cite against her, while at the same time, demostrate no knowledge of her numerous impressive achievements. They just hate her, period. My suspicion is it’s because she refused to kill her baby.

Go read the entire article. It’s good and dishes on what is going on in the network wars, then read this beautiful tribute to Trig written by Sarah (and read Sarah’s last line as well).



  • The nasty people who hate Sarah Palin also say the most vile and hateful things about her adorable son, Trig. I think there is plenty of evidence that they hate her because of her “choice” to give life to her son, who happens to have a disability.

    Her big heart reminds them how small their own hearts are, and they can’t stand it.

    • Opus, I agree. Anything noble and done out of true love is foreign to these people.

  • Jer Marie

    Why do they hate her?? Isn’t it amazing and rightful that a woman, especially a mother, must/should dedicate her life to her child.

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  • Palin hate is beyond understanding and I mean vicious hate. I believe it’s a seed that had been planted by a free press in this country and the terrible combination of horrid comments from popular comedians, who speak in terms that any Republican would have been boiled in oil for. It’s now a subconscious thing. the product of opposition propaganda.
    Even a lot of so called conservatives are affected by the vomit created by the left.

  • I am a special needs mom. You wouldn’t believe the things that people say to my face. I can only imagine what is said behind my back!!!

    Someone actually said this to me while my son was in the other room playing. “She had NO RIGHT to have her baby”. I can only assume they feel the same way about my boy. I have known them my entire life and love them, but I do look at them differently now.

    • JACG, I can’t imagine how a heart can heart when something like this happens. There is no way to think it’s not also about your son. You are very BIG person to still allow them to be in your life.

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  • Our “First Lady” is vilified while theirs, Rosie O’Donnell, Janeane Garofalo, and Roseanne Barr are praised for …. WHAT?

    • woodsterman, for being rank and vile. It’s part of the Liberal makeup.

  • My initial reaction to this story was here we go again. One of those more or less on the right side of politics offering themselves up to the MSM for a BBQ. As if the GOP 2012 presidential campaign did not do enough of that this year. But I didn’t watch whatever show Palin was on and will probably hear about the outcome later. It would be great to find the former Governor of Alaska advanced the cause of conservatives by her appearance on network tv but somehow I expect that not to be the case.

    In the interest of full disclosure I have not been a fan of ‘you betcha’ girl for some time now. I feel her sellout of conservatives in the 2010 midterms was inexcusable, e.g., Chuck Devore.

  • Stanford, I suspect she blew the ratings and allowed their ratings run (I heard there was one). I felt she should not have accommodated them, but then millions got to see her who might never do so.

  • Duty makes us do things well – Love makes us do them beautifully.
    ~ Unknown –

    I hope the mainstream malicious media is kinder this time, as they have made complete a$$e$ of themselves over Sarah from the beginning when their (little g) god Obama started his stupid Chicago style campaign of out right lies. What was the so called media so afraid of, knowing full well Obambi was going to win by hook or crook. Didn’t matter whether Obama had a birth certificate, or ever went to Harvard, was friends with Bill Ayers, on and on. Just get the fraud elected. Well, you can sure follow the money in seeing how that happened. That evil rigged election of Obama’s would have taken place no matter what. Sarah just happened to be the one of many victims that stood in the way.

    WHAT A SHAME FOR OUR COUNTRY TO HAVE A GODLESS MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE – we have CBS, MSNBC CNN, ABC, that are in part to blame, along with the evil carnal knowledge Pelosi, Reid, Holder, “Hair Lip” Barney what’s his name, his ACORN thugs, plus the MB, Soros, the beat goes on. God only knows what’s next? What a parade of fools with Tom Hanks leading the pack this time.
    Don’t these fools know it is TREASON to bow to a Saudi King? Guess NOTTTTTTTTTT!! Just that alone should Impeach Obama.

    I pray to the one true God our father in heaven this will NOT repeat in 2012, in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour.

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  • Rudz

    She really does make. Sarah Palin seem smart! I love her..