Rocket Fired From Egyptian Sinai Hits Israel as Muslim Brotherhood is Hosted at White House

Remember that Israel returned the Sinai to Egypt with the understanding that there would be peace. That was some 30 years ago. Now with the Arab Spring that quickly turned into the Summer Oppression, then the Winter of Terror and now morphing into the Muslim Brotherhood Spring, there is only terrorism emanating from the Sinai. We can expect Egypt to say that rogue Palestinians fired this rocket(s) from the Sinai into Israel as families gathered for Passover. Holy Week arrives in America and so does the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood – and they are hosted at the White House. The Muslim Brotherhood has said they will not honor the peace treaty and they will not sit down with Israel. Pair that with rockets and we have terrorists in the White House.

A Grad rocket has landed in the southern Israeli city of Eilat, but has caused no damage or injuries, Israeli security officials said.

District police chief Ron Gertner told Israeli radio the rocket had been fired from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

He said it struck a construction site close to a residential area shortly after midnight (21:00 GMT).

The blast took place as thousands congregated in the resort town for the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Rocket attacks from Egyptian soil are uncommon. Attacks on Eilat and the nearby Jordanian town of Aqaba in 2010 killed one person and injured another four. Source: BBC

Fifty-one countries gave Israel the tiny sliver of land they have today. So whether the rocket was fired by Egyptians or Palestinians, maybe it’s time for Israel to take the Sinai back. Don’t think they can’t do it.

Thanks to David Lemon, not only a finely-tuned newshound, but a master sculptor as well. See his work here and watch him at work.

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  • For over 30 years under Mubarak there has been peace between Israel and Egypt. Now that the MB is in control the peace is gone and rockets are permitted.

    So much for Hope and Change. We see what Obama’s idea is. Hope to Kill the Jews, Change the attitude towards killing them.

  • EBL

    Actions and inactions speak louder than words…just a coincidence this took place when the Muslim Brotherhood was meeting with Barack Obama?

  • Who didn’t know this was going to happen? Obama and Hillary knew.

  • Ran

    This is going to be one long, miserable Summer.

  • Ran

    PS: Thanks for the great blog, Maggie. I’m here most every day. I appreciate your coverage of things I don’t catch elsewhere. Cheers!

  • I thought they were building it, then it just disapeard. Have not heard anything about it for quite a while..

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  • Reaganite

    This is so frustrating, for years I’ve told my Jewish family and friends, you have no idea who you elected President. Obama is no friend of freedom loving Jews. And this is just one more step down an extremely dangerous road. Happy Passover and may G-d save us.