Richard Heeringa 576 Years in Prison for Child Molestation

Richard Heeringa cozied up to divorced women with young daughters, including his own ex-wife, and then tried to molest them. Apparently he was quite successful. He was found guilty of 17 counts of sexual assault on a child in Colorado. The daughter of the ex-wife girl reported him. He began the molestation when she was 12 years old and it continued for three years. After the girl contacted police, other victims came forward. At his sentencing, Heeringa laughed at Judge Paul King, who gave him 576 years to life, and said Heeringa “deserved every century” he was getting.

Richard Heeringa

The judge rebuked Heeringa for fleeing Colorado in 2010 on the night before a jury found him guilty on 17 counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and failure to register as a sex offender.

On the run for 18 months, Heeringa made the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 Most Wanted fugitive list. In October 2011, deputy marshals captured him in a Detroit basement apartment, where he was living under an assumed name. A resident recognized him from a picture on “America’s Most Wanted.”…

Veteran prosecutors said Herringa is one of the most coldly calculating predators they’ve ever faced. Source: DenverChannel

Heeringa has previously spent 12 years in a Michigan prison for sexual assault.

  • I hope this is known in the prisons. He should find his time there very entertaining, to others.

  • He got off too easy

  • Garry Ward

    When will he be eligible for parol ? I guess he is ticking off the days on his calendar. Hopefully some of the chaps who like boys will entertain him all his heart desires
    Good luck Richard, and enjoy the extended holiday.

  • Garry Ward

    Me again !! I feel that the judge was a bit severe on poor Richard, and I feel this may be a general feeling for most people.576 years is a long time in anyones life. I think his sentence should be reduced to around 570 years which would also show the humain side of Judge Paul King. I am sure Richard would appreciate a 6 year reduction, and may even say sorry to Judge Paul for laughing at him.
    Richard, I hope you packed plenty of clean socks and undies for the holiday !! All the best mate, and we will be seeing you soon!!!

  • Tack a few more years on that sentence.

  • Sorry but a prison term is too good for him. He should be given the Comanche treatment. They frowned on rapist and child rapist. They were suspended by their sex organ by rawhide(wet rawhide) in the sun , over an ant hill, smeared with honey, then they were pricked about every two to three inches over thier entire body. Mesquite slivers(one of the hottest burning woods known to man) were inserted into the skin and eventually set afire.

    Instead this monster will enjoy an air conditioned room, tv, recreation of all sorts, snack bar and be able fantasize about what he has done. With any luck he will be be incarcerated in a prison where there are some inmates who frown on this type of crime and his days will be shortened.

  • Todd T

    Heeringa will endure a very short remainder of his life in prison. He can not hurt anyone again. It is a message to all the young girls that have been abused. You do have a voice! If you tell someone about your abuse you will be heard! Yes it does take years but in the end YOU will win, You will have vindiction. A jury will tell you that you were hurt, it was wrong, and he will be punished, he will not hurt anyone again! Because you were able to come forward and say something. He is gone. Make a difference!