Poster: Zimmerman Face in Crosshairs: No School No Work No Shopping April 9 – The Muslim Street Call to Action – Grand Jury Convenes April 9

Malik Zulu Shabazz (aka Paris Lewis) speaking on The Muslim Street radio “related to the case of innocent slain teenager Trayvon Martin….” announced “A National Student walkout and General Strike” called for April 9th, the day a Florida Grand Jury convenes in the case of Trayvon Martin’s alleged shooting by George Zimmerman. The following poster appears on Shabazz is the National Chairman of the New Black Panthers. The crosshairs across Zimmerman’s face is hard to ignore.

The city of Sanford, Florida is gearing up for increased violence and the New Black Panthers are offering “defense training and community patrols.” The Grand Jury is acting, but bald-faced jihad is underway without the Department of Justice uttering a word. The $10,000.00 bounty on Zimmerman’s head still stands. Read the full story at Breitbart.

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