Planned Parenthood Reality 2010: 91% of Pregnant Women Get Abortions

Breaking down a new report of the services provided by Planned Parenthood, LifeNews says for every adoption referral PP makes, it performs 391 abortions. For every 1 woman seeking prenatal care, Planned Parenthood terminates the lives of almost 11 children. Of the Planned Parenthood budget for 2010, 46% of the total budget of $1.04 BILLION annually, comes from taxpayers. Sit down for this one: they have an excess of revenue over and above expenses (NET PROFIT) of $18.5 MILLION DOLLARS.

Read all the details at LifeNews.

UPDATE 4-11-12: Linked at The Independent Sentinel in a shocking article on the latest strategy to woo your daughter (it always comes down to our daughters) and reinforce their supporter’s reliance on abortion by romanticizing and praying for abortion clinics and employees. This call to prayer is supposedly by “religious” leaders.