Pilgrim High School Elizabeth Bierenday: Mural Depicting Marriage Deemed Offensive Religious

Elizabeth Bierenday is a junior at Rhode Island’s Pilgrim High School. She was asked to paint a wall mural for the school. Her painting was that of a young boy progressing from childhood to manhood and ending with grown man, his wife and child. Intertwined wedding rings are shown above the head of the man and woman. Finding the portion with the mom and dad “offensive” and “religious,” the school painted over it.

Elizabeth Bierenday's Sketch

So it is offensive for our young men to dream of finding the wife they will spend the rest of their lives with, or the young woman dream of the man who will father her children and be her soulmate? The good news is, the Warwick School Superintendent, Peter Horoschak, sees nothing offensive about Ms. Bierenday’s design. Hopefully, parents had a loud reaction to traditional marriage being denigrated, and Mr. Horoschak’s decision was supported by them. Elizabeth had a few days to think about whether she will repaint her original or begin anew. She has made her decision. Hyscience has the story.

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Elizabeth Bierenday’s Pilgrim High School Mural “offensive” “religious” (video)

  • You’ve got to be kidding!

    • woodsterman, nope. It’s true, and I think this is the second time it has happened in Rhode Island.

  • Unbelievable! I would not blame God if He turns His back on America. What have we become as a nation. Or is it only our leaders? The churches of America were full this past Easter Sunday. It should be that way every Sunday.

    • Carl, the thing this shows is that only one person complained, and Ms. Bierenday stood strong and is redoing the original mural. YAY!

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  • I’m glad she stayed with her original concept.

    Unfortunately in the ’60s instead of enforcing our unalienable rights equally for all peoples, we followed the liberals down the path creating protected class. Now the liberals preach tolerance but for them it is a one-way street.

    • Jim, she is a brave young lady. When I watched the video and she said she didn’t want to offend anyone, I thought oh no! She’ll cave, but she didn’t. She said her mural was the way she saw marriage. She needs to know that it is “they” who have the distorted view, not her. Hope you got my email about not being able to comment at your place.

  • Linked at my site.

  • She should draw an old lady dying alone.

    • edge of the sandbox, with the agenda being promoted by someone in the school, that’s the reality, isn’t it.

  • Liz should not have to apologize for anything. Pilgrim should be apologizing to her. The school should be embarrassed for changing it and then deciding its okay.

  • Liz, dont let this keep you from moving forward or shying away from how you feel or express yourself in your art or anything else. Keep up the good work and be yourself -always.

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