Peace Treaty? What Peace Treaty?

On 17 September 1978 Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel and President Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat of Egypt signed the Camp David Accords.  A peace treaty between the nations of Egypt and Israel.  The first one between a Muslim nation and the Jewish one.  It was a beacon of hope for the region.  It lasted for 33 years.

Not any more. As of yesterday, Egypt has reneged on a very important section of this treaty.

Egypt informed Israel Sunday afternoon that it is unilaterally cancelling the agreement of supply of gas to Israel. The announcement was made to EMG, the firm that receives the gas from Egypt, and reported on Channel 2 news.

The peace treaty with Egypt includes a financial appendix, in which Egypt agrees to supply Israel with oil. Several years ago the appendix was changed so that the oil was replaced by gas. The treaty commits Egypt to supply Israel with the amount of gas it requires for a specified period, in exchange for payment.

Egypt’s unilateral abrogation of the treaty causes “tremendous financial damage” to Israel, and to the Amgas and Ampal companies, according to Channel 2. However, the primary damage is diplomatic, reporter Amnon Abramovich said.

The pipeline carrying gas from Egypt to Israel was blown up 14 times since the Mubarak regime was toppled in February 2011.


When the Arab Spring of last year threw Hosni Mubarak from office, President Barack Hussein Obama assured Israel (and the World) that the treaty between Israel and Egypt is to be maintained.  As we now see, that isn’t so.  Calls are ringing out from Egypt to attack Israel.  And now this.

Another ringing success for Obama’s foreign policy.

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  • I knew that this was coming!

    It does seems as if we’re really on the road to world war. **sigh**

    • AOW, this is only the beginning.

      • What I hope they post: caption
        Happy to slap her out of the country along with the rest of the crud she runs with. “BTW the secret about the bc is out and guess what else: it’s peanut size!” Just ask Hitlary. hahahaha

  • OMG! Why can’t people just live in peace?!

    • Cindy.. sadly, as long as there is evil, there will be war. It’s just reality. Oh my.. it just started thundering outside.. Love it.. Haven’t had a thunder storm in a couple of years here in southwest Montana. Sorry.. got side tracked.. lol

    • We will after we kick butts and take names. Now is the time if there ever was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Well, having been blown 14 times, it wasn’t exactly delivering much gas anyway was it? This will provide further motivation for Israel to develop it’s own oil and gas fields. If they needed any. Nope, this is good long term, since any dependence on Arab countries or anyone else is ill advised. Egypt is in a simmering condition of almost civil war, rebellion and chaos at the moment, better to let them stew for a bit. They won’t invade Israel, the generals are going to need all of their troops and tanks to suppress their population.

  • Isn’t it amazing we have to come here to hear this, Maggie. This is the first I’ve heard of this. Where’s the blanketity blank MSM?

  • How come none of the main stream media is covering this? Almost feels someone will go to any length to bring about a conflict with Israel.

  • Kazsandra

    This is the first time I have heard about Peace Treaty and I wasn’t aware with it at first.. Thanks anyway for the information about it..

  • rachelle

    Its sound interesting.This is the first I heard about these.Thanks for posting.

  • And the State Department just approved a billion^plus dollars to Egypt. Great timing.

  • “Peace Peace but there is no peace.” Especially since BNO took office illegally. What a fraud in the WH.
    Boehner Buries Obama on FOX and friends. Good for him.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Boehner is a limp dick. He is silent while Obama takes over.

  • The most important part here is not really the financial implications, such pilot projects are always fraught with an element of risk, but, the consequences it can have politically around the world..

  • Netanyahu seems to be one of the few who realize that Israel and the US have learned precious little from the folly of dealing with Arafat