Palin Advice to Oprah: Hire Conservatives – Oprah’s Failure to Launch

Matt Lauer is asking questions of an NBC panel which included Sarah Palin, along with Star Jones, Donnie Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman. Lauer quotes Oprah saying if she had known how difficult starting up her OWN network (Oprah Winfrey Network) would be, she would have done something else. Palin advises her to hire Conservatives.

Sarah Palin with Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Lauer says “raise your hand if you think she pulls it out.” Not a single Liberal raised his/her hand. Close to silence, until Sarah claps her hands and says “She’ll be around and she’ll get some Conservatives on the show. To which lame Deutsch says “she’ll get some Liberals on the show.”

HELLO – Oprah is failing with Liberals. This panel, known as The Professionals, haven’t a clue about how business works. Oprah knew back in the day. Palin is the only optimist among Liberal pessimists – because Liberals know so much, and they know, too much happiness, even for Oprah Winfrey, can make a person very unhappy.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s afternoon talk show ratings began plummeting when she brought her New Wave Religion to viewers, mostly made up of White Women. She left her roots and her belief, and people didn’t like it.

Back in the day, Oprah seemed to embrace all ethnicities, but as time went along, and Leftist pressure pushed hard, she became more about White intolerance and victimhood – and worst of all, charmed with Hollywoods ignorant marxists. Viewers didn’t like it. What they once cherished about Oprah was her deep understanding of what makes us all human. She lost it somewhere along the way. The audience lost her.

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Sarah Palin on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network (video)

  • I have a better idea … RETIRE!

  • Reaganite

    Spot on Maggie about Oprah exposing her fans to her own Marxism.
    America is still a mostly self-reliant, freedom from big government society.
    And once you go Red your career is dead.

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  • I used to watch and enjoy Oprah back when she was about showcasing stories of people who overcame adversity and learned to stand on their own two feet, regardless of their skin color. Then as you said, she got that weird cult of hers going, but I could tune it out because there were still some interesting guests sometimes, but then she became nothing more than a propaganda outlet to push for Obama’s election, and I could not watch her show for a moment longer, and neither could my mom who watched it every day after her ABC soaps since the very beginning. Oprah brought about her own decline and has nobody to blame but herself. She used to show human interest stories that were inspiring, she used to help people, she used to even be FUN sometimes, she was once charming – she really was! But she threw all of that away, maybe hoping for a czar position or something, but I heard that Moo was jealous and forbid Zero from giving his useful idiot Oprah her hearts desire after she shilled so hard for him and now she is no longer useful to the regime either. Too bad, so sad, Oprah dug her career’s own grave. But not to worry, she still has millions of dollars to keep her warm, it’s not like she had invested much of her OWN money in that SCOAMF network, but LMAO at the SUCKERS who did dump so much into that money pit. Any of us could have told them what the outcome would be.