One L. Goh Shooter at Oikos University: 7 Dead 3 Wounded

One L. Goh has been identified as the alleged shooter of a massacre at Oikos University located at 7850 Edgewater in Oakland, California. Goh is described as a “disgruntled student.” He was either in the classroom or walked into a classroom and opened fire. The latest report is that 7 have died and 3 are wounded. Thirty-five students were on campus at the time. Goh is 43 years old, a Korean national and a former nursing student at this Christian school. He is believed to be a resident of Oakland.

Oikos University

A Tweet from @KCBSNews says Goh “commandeered a victim’s car and surrendered at Safeway store in Alameda.”


It appeared all the shooting victims were adults, Jordan said, and the numbers of dead and wounded had not changed from earlier in the evening.

“As it stands now, we are confirming that a total of 10 people were injured during this morning’s shooting, seven of which are fatalities,” Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Cynthia Perkins said earlier. “One person has been taken into custody in connection with this shooting.”

According to police, the gunman entered the school at 10:30 a.m. and fired multiple shots…

Pastor Jong Kim, who founded the school about 10 years ago, told the Oakland Tribune that the shooter was a former nursing student, though he was unsure whether the man had been expelled or dropped out.

One witness described a chaotic scene in the moments after the shooting. Brian Snow was at a nearby credit union, when he first heard the shots and saw a victim run out of the building.

“I just heard more gunshots. A lady came out running and she had blood on her arm, but I didn’t know how bad the wound was,” Snow told KGO Radio. “She was just trying to make sure everyone was safe and took off her jacket and she had a big old hole in her arm.”

 Oikos University is a Christian university that focuses on nursing. The school’s website describes students as “given the opportunity to obtain a Christian education that is based on solid Christian doctrine and ideology. Our main goal is to foster spiritual Christian leaders who abide by God’s intentions and to expand God’s nation through them.

At Highland Hospital, Dawinder Kaur’s family told the Oakland Tribune that she was being treated for a gunshot to her elbow.

The U.S. Army Reservist told her family that that the gunman was a student in her nursing class who had been absent for months before returning Monday. The gunman entered the classroom and ordered students to line up against the wall.

When he showed his gun, students began running and he opened fire, her family said.

“She told me that a guy went crazy and she got shot,” brother Paul Singh told the newspaper. “She was running. She was crying; she was bleeding, it was wrong.”

Pastor Jong Kim, who founded the school about 10 years ago, told the newspaper that he did not know if the shooter was expelled or dropped out. Kim said he heard about 30 rapid-fire gunshots in the building.

“I stayed in my office,” he said.

Deborah Lee, who was in an English language class, said she heard five to six gunshots at first. “The teacher said, ‘Run,’ and we run,” she said. “I was OK, because I know God protects me. I’m not afraid of him.”

See dramatic photos here. Blessings to the wounded and the families of the dead.