OJ Simpson: Son Jason Simpson Killed Nicole and Ron Goldman?

Listen to the compelling “evidence” that leads one investigator to believe that O.J. Simpson’s son Jason, then 24, killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Jason’s employers said he was on sight at the restaurant where he worked when the killings happened. Nevertheless, William Dear has a book to sell.

Nicole Simpson

Jason Simpson is the son of O.J. and his first wife, Marguerite. Jason lawyersd up, at the direction of O.J.’s attorney Johnnie Cochran. He was charged with assault two years prior to the deaths of Nicole and Goldman. Remember that a bloody glove was found on the grounds of O.J.’s home, but Cochran was able to discredit the findings, claiming the evidence had not been properly handled. Fibers found on Ron Goldman’s shirt were matched to the blue sweat suit Kato Kaelin saw O.J. wearing the night of the murders. O.J. was found not guilty.

The new book says that Jason Simpson had problems with “rage,” but as this article states, he hasn’t been in the news for the past 18 years. I can’t verify this site, but the 101 pieces of evidence against O.J. Simpson, fit my memory bank. I still think O.J. Simpson got away with murder. William Dear is described in the video below as a “celebrity private investigator.”

In 2008, O.J. was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. He is serving a 33-year-sentence at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional facility. He is eligible for parole after 9 nine years.

William Dear: O.J.’s Son Jason Guilty of Murdering Nicole and Ron Goldman (video)

  • Why would Jason Simpson kill Nicole or Ron Goldman? Why would he be enraged at her? Did she ignore him or his advances towards her? If son Jason was so upset, wouldn’t he attack dear old Dad instead?

    This is just the author’s attempt to make money. There is no evidence that Jason did this deed. In fact, I’ll bet that there are dozens of people who saw Jason that night and he was not bloody.