Obama: My Career a Testimony to American Exceptionalism: Radical Not Exceptional – or Exceptionally Radical

Obama, in front of  cameras again today, said his “entire career was a testimony to American Exceptionalism.” He confuses “exceptionalism” with “radicalism,” and thinks he is the persona of America. What he doesn’t understand, is that we know it. We ‘get it.’ Obama is an exception to the Presidential oath of office, to the U.S. Constitution, to the First and Second Amendments, to the way we partner with our Allies, and with his increasingly suspicious allegiance to this country. Never has an American president been so committed to removing exceptionalism from the lives of every American, especially the poor, and introducing radicalism. That at least can be said to be “exceptional,” in the worst sense of the word. He has not a single traditional adherence to the Constitution on his radar. When he said Hope and Change, he meant it, but as America finally sees, the only thing exceptional about his vision of Hope and Change, is to exceptionally radical change.

Barack Obama

The Hill:

“It’s worth noting that I first arrived on the national stage with a speech at the Democratic convention that was entirely about American exceptionalism and that my entire career has been a testimony to American exceptionalism,” Obama said at a press conference alongside Mexican president Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Obama’s comments come days after GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney said Obama “doesn’t have the same feelings about American exceptionalism that we do.”


Definition of EXCEPTIONALISMthe condition of being different from the norm; also: a theory expounding the exceptionalism especially of a nation or region

Here’s another way to say it:

Definition of NARCISSISM:

An exceptional interest in or admiration for ones self.

Obama is so exceptional, every single grade from his academic career is sealed from public view. Doubtful there is any exceptionalism there, but I agree, his “career” is exceptional. His friends and associates are all exceptionally radical. They cheat on their taxes, preach hate from the pulpit, champion Hamas from the pulpit, and bomb police stations. He threw friends and mentors under the bus to win his seat in the U.S. Congress and no telling how many votes were bought on the streets of America as we approached the 2008 Presidential election. His career is exceptional by all measurements of radicalism.


and all those ways lead to his exceptional focus on Marxism. There is no other way he is exceptional. His White House career has been egregious

  • montanaconserv

    Wasn’t he the one who said that the days of American Exceptionalism were over.. hmm..

  • Young Millionaire

    Maggie you sound so hateful…..just win the lottery like me, you’ll feel much better!

  • Obama is full of himself and some other unpleasant stuff.

  • Ran

    “I’m President, “except” you can’t see my school applications, my transcripts, my grade-school marks or the passport I used to travel to Pakistan. don’t even ask to see my birth certificate.”

    Exceptional indeed.

  • Obama’s time is up.