Norman Oklahoma Tornado 4-13-12 Damage Reported

There’s not much information on this story but a tornado was reported on the ground in Norman, Oklahoma, the home of Oklahoma University, about 30 minutes ago, or around 4 p.m. CDT. No panicking. This may turn out to be nothing much. Details as information is available.

Power lines are down near SW 24th St. and Lindsey. The tornado is rain-wrapped and will be difficult to see. Reports of heavy hail near Alameda and 60th. I will have updates here as more information becomes available.

All Norman Schools are keeping kids inside and buses that were en route to homes have been called back. We have heard that windows at Norman High have been blown out.

New 9 has learned that the University of Oklahoma is also keeping students inside at this point.

Damage has been reported in the area of Boyd Street and McGee Drive in Norman. Source: News9

ABC confirmed most of the report above, but says there was no damage or injuries.

I was returning from an appointment and heard on KRMG radio around 4 p.m. that a tornado was on the ground on the Oklahoma University campus. I cannot confirm that information. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 9:07 pm: 

The National Weather Service confirmed that a twister touched down Friday afternoon near the campus and a state highway.

Norman Regional Hospital spokeswoman Kelly Wells says about 10 people were treated for “bumps and bruises.”

Deputy Fire Chief Jim Bailey says the tornado damaged several homes and buildings in the city of about 100,000 residents 20 miles south of Oklahoma City. Source: USA Today

UPDATE: 5:03 pm: Von Castor, reporting for Fox 23 was in Norman and saw debris in the air and damage with power lines down in the area of Main and Highway 9.

  • Stay safe, Maggie.

    • Thanks Kelly, it’s not due here until later this evening and the severe weather may miss us tonight. Tomorrow afternoon and evening is supposed to be bad, but the more they talk about it, the less event it generally is, so I’m counting on that.

  • lwatson

    Only minor injuries reported by Norman Regional Hospital. The Tornado was on the ground near campus (damage is concentrated at 24th and Boyd-Lindsey). Some damage also on Robinson.

    • lwatson, thanks for the update. When I was driving and first heard the story, I said a prayer for that beautiful little town and the wonderful OU campus.

  • Jeep

    Maggie, I saw some news that Tulsa had problems, you ok?

  • Jeep, nothing here yet. It’s supposed to be on it’s way, but may miss us until tomorrow afternoon and evening. Sure appreciate you checking in.

  • Jeep

    Thank goodness! I was born in Lawton and raised my family in Duncan, moved to Tx in ’87. I can remember all my life watching the skies for bad weather and though we do have some down here it’s nothing like living in southern Okla. Take care and keep us advised. We’re supposed to have some Saturday late – bummer.

  • yogi

    My sister works in Norman in the factory that makes Solo cups and such. Does anyone know if that’s anywhere where it hit? I’m in Portland Oregon.

    • yogi, sorry but I don’t know. I tried to find an address and do a mapquest search but cannot find anything by looking for solo cup factory. I think this was in the main part of town, but I’m not that familiar with the streets. At least we know the people of Norman are all okay.