Michigan Plants Get $300M Stimulus Funds – Owned by Koreans With Korean Workers – Unions Shafted

Foreigners are receiving American taxpayer dollars in Michigan. Labor unions are hot about it. The only good thing about this story: Unions are the ones getting the shaft. Think about it, if all the jobs were hired away from the U.S., many American workers would be standing in line behind union workers – shafted by union laws. Anyway, the story is, in 2010 two Michigan advanced battery plants, LG Chem and Dow Kokam, received $300 Million (combined) from Stimulus funds. Both companies are “largely” Korean owned. They have ordered equipment and supplies from Korea, and brought in workers as well.

Oh, and the Korean workers::

have “unique expertise with highly sophisticated equipment.”

Dow Kokam admitted to having 150 “temporary” foreign workers onsite last December. LG Chem refused to comment. The real numbers at either plant are not known.

How is it possible that we hand out $300M to “largely” foreign companies, without provisions that all equipment, supplies and workers be American? The answer: few companies can be competitive with those restrictions, and especially with our high corporate tax rate. Maybe these companies don’t even pay American corporate taxes???

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Dow Kokam and LG Chem Get US Stimulus Funds – Hire Korean Workers (video)

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