Michelle Obama Dressed Like a Street Walker at Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards

What was she thinking? Oh, right, she was thinking about Michelle and her Hollywood image. It’s all about Michelle.


Michelle Obama at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

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  • Fashion was never FLHOTUS’s strong suit.

  • More and more, I think this administration wants us to live in a science fiction B movie.

    • I remember Zsa Zsa Gabor as Queen of Outer Space in 1958.. this first lady would have been perfect for one of her vassals.. this terrible B movie outfit, would be perfect for that kind of campy style of movie.

  • Michelle Obama is the most uncouth First Lady America has ever had!

  • Not a street walker. After all a hooker has better taste.

    No this is just pure Ghetto chic. Nothing more or less.

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  • What a great role model for young girls! NOT!

    • Just So You Actually Know

      I realize you may decide not to approve this because I used a bad word (apologies if that’s the case), but I would really appreciate you posting this in the spirit of a true debate and conversation, since I think I raise valid points.

  • She is tempting children, to think of sex before they ever should. This woman is living in the State of Mortal Sin and is giving Public Scandal, to little children. What stupidity! God bless her with repentance and a public apology, on Nickolodian. Mr and Mrs Obama don’t fear the wrath of God, do they?

    • Just So You Actually Know

      You realize that in your user picture, the only thing the pope is covering that Michelle Obama isn’t is the top of her chest? Is that really what you’re getting so worked up about? Have you looked outside? Have you visited the world around you? Is it news to you that people show skin? She’s showing less skin than if she were wearing a business suit with a skirt for God’s sake!

      Why don’t you concentrate on the good she has done rather than caring so much about a glimpse of skin? Or do you not know the good she has done because you haven’t actually taken the time to look up anything about what she has done with her international platform?

    • ripwhitney

      okay so how does talking about her outfit make you a better person? It doesnt you just seem jealous to me You can wear whatever you want but when she decides to do the same thing she’s a disgrace?Our job as people is not to judge but to accept and move on. However what I have been and many others have been accustomed to is look for the fault in people instead of the good. But i conclude with this father forgive us because we know not what we do. Amen and Michelle Obama looks good if i might say even better then some girls my age. Dont judge her because she is NOT on trial.

  • From the left side of the world comes the predictable review of Michelle Obama’s ‘outfit’ at the 2012 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.


    In a fashion battle between Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama, one would assume the bright, sparkly uber-celebrity would take the cake. Sure, the first lady is one of the most fashionable women to ever occupy the White House. But she’s also, like, a mom.

    But against all odds, FLOTUS blew T-Swift out of the water — er, slime — at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night.

    …considering how good the first lady looked! No pantsuits or broaches here — for an event that included pop music, green slime and guests like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the first lady chose a youthful outfit: metallic skinny jeans, a sequined v-neck top and black pointy-toes pumps.

    • Stanford, Taylor Swift is a true role model for young girls. They love her. She is the Miley Cyrus that has grown up and still not disappointed. I’ll follow you link and come back.

  • You’d think someone on her very large staff would have some fashion sense. I wouldn’t wear that to a Halloween party.

    • Her staff is just like her. Awestruck at the life they are living. Being the coolest FL ever apparently includes wearing pants like these to a kids award show.

      • Maggie.. I’m sure her staff bow to her loud voice..

        “I WANNA WEAR THIS!!!”

        Then they bow again to the majesty of her aura… puke

    • Just So You Actually Know

      Her kids helped her pick out what to wear, because they are 10 and 13 and that’s how 10 and 13 year olds perceive fashion. Something tells me she’s not the first mom to look slightly foolish because she took fashion advice from her daughters. Maybe she wanted to enjoy some bonding time with them and take them to an event that any kid on the planet would die to go to. Maybe she wore a bad outfit because it made her daughter happy. Is that a crime? Does that really make her somebody worthy of so much vitriol?

      You did see what Taylor Swift was wearing right? You saw how much skin it showed?

      • Taylor Swift is a very young woman. She is not the First Lady of the United States. If Michelle wore the outfit to please her daughters, she is more foolish than I thought. We don’t do things that are clearly inappropirate to please our daughters if we have the slightest parenting skills.

        • Caimile

          That is ridiculous. Taylor Swift has far more pull than the First Lady because she has fans who may not even know who Michelle Obama is. They adore her and even idolize her. You can’t drag someone through the mud for something and then give another person a pass because of her age.

          • ripwhitney

            Oh so true, she’s appealing to the younger crowd its you all like she trying to sleep with them.She has a husband what more can you say about that woman? Btw her age is irrelevant.

    • You obviously dont know anything about fashion she looks great her skin is completely covered, nothing inappropiate is showing. If anything she is showing kids that you can be covered and still be fashionable.

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  • Caimile

    I thought she looked beautiful. I think her top split at an awkward spot, but other than that she looked amazing. “Ghetto chic”? Way to show your bigoted colors! Racists always refer to black people as “ghetto” even when there isn’t a ghetto bone in their bodies. There is nothing ghetto about Michelle. She’s poised, educated and an excellent example to her daughters and anyone else. Stupid people are a disease!

    • Caimile, I have been supportive of her clothing on may occasions but this time, with a audience of children, that outfit is inappropriate – just as going sightseeing strapless in Spain was inappropriate.

      She wants Chicago’s South Side values for her girls. If that doesn’t send a message, you are not paying attention.

      No bigots here. We just see things differently than you do, and remember, you didn’t have to stop by and comment.

      • David

        Well said Maggie. I guess we’ll have to allow her to cling to her lack of fashion or any other kind of sense as we cling to our bibles, moral values and American pride. She will never be able to cross this great divide regardless of her position. I do give her credit for her strict adherence to the South Chicago style and ethics. At least she can set an example of how to stick to your principles, regardless of how flawed or inappropriate they might be. Her contempt for America will never be diminished. And remember, this is her very best effort since it’s a re election year. Does anyone really expect her to change?
        And I do think the term, “Getto Chic” is an apt french description of her fashion style. The style itself is fine but her timing and place to express herself that way are questionable. She doesn’t realize or doesn’t care what she represents. She thinks of herself in public as only the individual she is and not the position she represents.

      • Caimile

        How is her outfit inappropriate? Most of the guests in attendance were wearing micro minis and plunging necklines! Michelle is covered up for the most part and her clothes fit properly. Her top has a v-neck. That’s it! Stop being so stuffy.

        I still hold that “ghetto” is disrespectful. You know very well that no one on this blog would use that word on someone who was not black, since the general populace unfortunately associates the word with black people.

        I know exactly what you’re referring to with the Chicago’s South Side comment and you are severely misinterpreting it. That is where she and her husband are from. I’m sure she associates it with good and bad memories, but mostly of the values she learned growing up…community, family, faith, etc. She has stated many times that she wants her children to remain grounded. I’m sure if she were from Santa Barbara or The Hamptons or Miami she’s say the same thing.

        Finally, I just see things differently than you do…so just because I stated my differing opinions, doesn’t mean I can’t stop by and comment.

        Also, while I am a Christian, I really don’t see what that has to do with this particular topic.

        • Caimile – one more time, I object to the pants. They are certainly inappropriate, and I do not expect the First Lady of the United States to dress like the people in the audience. She is the First Lady.

          Have you seen the crime stats on the South Side? She talks about respect and responsibility? Very little there and police cannot get a handle on it – probably because those thinking it’s okay for the FLOTUS to dress this way with a children’s audience, don’t have a clue what their children are doing.

          The police chief said, this is not a policing situation, and basically said parents must do something.

          How about Michelle Obama “organizing” the people of the South Side on ways to rein in their children? How about MO talking about the terrible crime in the area instead of holding it up like a beacon for generations? How about talking directly to the children and the gangs? How about being truthful? She was truthful saying she had never in her adult life been proud of her country. How about laying it on Black crime?

          You just come by anytime you want. I love the hits on my Sitemeter.

          • Ted Baily

            I have been reading these statements and it is quite sad. I read these people tearing down this woman, and in their next sentence talk about the bible and american ethics. Oh please, your ignorance is just sad. She is the first lady and should not wear pants, or has a “plunging” neck line … REALLY … you stupid ignorant GOP. THAT is the issue … south side chicago, getto … please, keep your God comments to yourself. As the Christ said, it is not what one puts into their mouths, but rather what comes out of it. Stupid racists … all you are, you make me sick… you demonstrate what is wrong with America, and what is wrong with the church pew. Before you grape your easter basket you had better fall on your knee’s and seek the forgiveness of God … there is no place in your holy Scriptures that give you permission of justification to say the kinds of things that you have said … by my count you have broken at least two commandments, not to mention the “greatest” commandment … “Jesus when did you see you hungry and feed you … when did we see you hungry and not feed you … when did we see you on t.v. and smear what you were wearing and tear you down because it did not meet our standards … ” when you did or do not do to the least of these my brothers and sisters you did unto me … well folks, with all your foul and stupid comments about a woman based on what she was wearing (and there is nothing wrong with what she was wearing, you ought to be more concerned with filth your have had in your mind) … your words, tell exactly what you think of your Lord … when you do to the least of these, you do unto me … you people make me sick…

          • Just So You Actually Know

            Well, since you’re loving the hits on the sitemeter, let’s just keep this rolling shall we?

            The pants are tacky and have the most unfortunate seam I have ever seen. I accept your argument that it ruins some of the perceived formality of the position, but past that I just want to scream.

            Kids in Chicago murder each other. Kids in Baltimore murder each other. Kids in Los Angeles California murder each other. Kids in Littlerock, Colorado kill each other, and this has happened under Democrats and Republicans alike. Don’t you think, somewhere deep inside, that young girls and boys having a woman of color to look up to, someone who grew up to two working class parents, put herself through college and law school, and now tries to enact positive change on a national stage might possibly be an inspiration to those kids? That maybe Nancy, Hillary, and Laura weren’t exactly inspiring young kids while rocking the pantsuit? If you want to dismiss it as celebrity that’s fine, you’ll be left behind with all the others who don’t understand that change is going to come whether you like it or not. Change has always come, and generations behind have always scoffed at it. You’re no different.

            If you want to reach kids, you need to speak their language. If that’s how Michelle is “degrading” herself, than I hope she degrades herself more.

            Btw, I’d like to remind you that she founded the ‘Joining Forces’ initiative, which helps give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned. Because she’s a slutty streetwalker like that.

          • Caimile

            Wow, so the crime statistics in the city where she’s from are her fault now? This is new to me. She cannot control everything that everyone else does. She cannot help that she is from where she is from, and I think she should be proud of where she’s from! If not for the rich culture OUTSIDE of the crime, then for the simple fact that she was able to overcome it and become who she is today.

            I’m fairly certain you’ve never been to the south side of Chicago and even more certain that you wouldn’t visit even given the chance. I’m from New York. The crime there is high, but the culture, people, community…it’s invaluable.

            It’d be nice if people actually educated themselves before forming opinions. It’s irresponsible to form uninformed opinions and even moreso to post them so other uninformed people can read it.

            • Well Caimile, a lot of young Trayons die in the places you are romanticizing.

              • Maggie.. your words are golden and true. I’m so sick of the racist this and racist that. I grew up in the 40s, 50s and 60s. I know what racism is and was. I know who the race baiters are. I’ve lived with their incessant crap for over 50 years.
                Why are we not lamenting the thousands of black men, woman and children that die every year in gun fights or from stray bullets? I’ve lived with that for years to. I’m sick at heart for the pain and sorrow, born by so many. Isn’t it time we ignore the Sharptons and the Jacksons and the race baiting congressmen, and woman, as well as the senators who could care less for the lives lost every day in this country in drive by shootings and gang related or drug related killings. They only care about votes and elections.
                Isn’t it time for a people to lift themselves above the slime of the puke spewed by people like Jackson and Sharpton?
                Let’s all just take a moment and pray for the many who die everyday, who die, as our so called press ignore their tragic stories.
                It’s time to figure a way of bringing sanity into every ones lives. I don’t know what we can all do. I wish I did. Maybe restoring hope where there is none, could be a step.

      • Bob Weinersnitzel

        I can’t remember the last white First Lady who could even where skinny jeans. (which is the new style jean amoung teenagers, in case you live in a box) If you have teens you know this! If you polled teens, they would say that is in style. Previous First ladies had no shape at all anyway. Butts flat like an ironing board. While white women complain, your husbands and boyfriends are after sexy, smart, black women like this in case you didn’t know. As far as not being a role model, I can’t remember the first time I even seen a “First Lady” attend the Kids Choice awards. It was just good to see her there! I guess she should of worn a business suit to the Kids Choice Awards! Most of you are only calling her out of her name because you’re racists! Admit it! If the shoe fits, Where it! Who gets this mad over some tight jeans, pointed black heels, and a v-neck blouse! STUPID! Talk about something more important. And just like any show, if you don’t want your kids to see it, don’t let them watch it!

        • Weinerschnitzel, you are so wrong. I’ve said similar things about Hillary Clinton.

          • Bob Weinersnitzel

            …..and you think relating to the First Lady’s dress attire as a “street walker” is right(Godly)(Conservative)(Professional)?? What did she do to you for you to say such a thing then preach about what a role-model should be? How about you post some of the things you’re doing for black people on here and let’s compare, since you’re so critical of her. I don’t believe a perfect person exists. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to have your opinion in how she dressed, but to call relate her to that of a “street walker” is unhuman of you! Don’t worry about me reading anymore of your crap after this stunt! I WOULD CALL YOU OUT OF YOUR NAME BUT SOMEONE HAS TO SHOW YOU WHAT CLASS IS! GOOD EVENING MAAM!

            • Dawn Young

              haaaaters! i bet 90% of you haters either didnt or can’t even vote. LOL! freak’in criminals, under educated illiterate drop outs! you smell bad when it rains, and get your sofa out the front yard….lol! if an educated black women scares you…. watch out she’s raising two more for you to work for! hahahahahahhaha!

              • I have worked with many very educated black men and women. This is nothing about education but with decorum and style. I notice that her daughters dress like sluts too. Believe me, if my daughters walked out of the house wearing what those girls were wearing at their ages, they wouldn’t be allowed out. And I would be getting out the washcloth to clean up the clown make-up.

                How one dresses is how one is treated regardless of their position.

                If you dress like a whore, you will be treated like a whore.

                • Just So You Actually Know

                  You just called two lovely and poised young girls sluts. These are a 13 and a 10 year old that you’re sitting behind your computer calling sluts. I personally might call that being a creepy perv, but hey we all have our own definitions right?

                  • Yep. And if my girls had dressed like that (Not that I would have let them out of the house dressed like that.) they would have been called worse.

                    This is epidemic with young women (I will not call them ladies, they do not dress or behave like one.). They want respect but act and dress like women of the town plying their avocation.

                    • Caimile

                      Wait, so tunics and leggings are slut attire? This conversation just crossed into the extremely irrational, therefore I am leaving it. Good day to all.

            • Mrs. Obama, is the First Lady of the United States of America, not of a race. There is a line you don’t cross. Jacqueline Kennedy, all the first ladies from the first to now have always shown class and elegance. Michelle Obama has shown a side that distracts from the greatness of this country. It’s dignity from years of defending freedom and setting an example of what people free, can do. Everyone in this current administration has spent the last 3 years showing how little they respect this country and it’s one true successful features.. Capitalism.. It worked up till Government started to get into every ones ability to do business.
              The lack of respect for the office of the Presidency shows in President Obama with his feet on our desk in our office, and the cheap way Michelle dress for kids. If you can’t see that, then maybe you should review your respect for our country.

              • Just So You Actually Know

                Oh hi picture of George W. Bush with his feet on the desk in the oval office, how are you doing? http://www.truthorfiction.com/images/GWBushFeetDesk.jpg

                • ripwhitney

                  im glad you found this picture some people think they know everything til the shit hits the fan

      • Just So You Actually Know

        Shall we get you a fainting couch to swoon upon?

      • Hey Maggie, for Caimile and others who marvel at the FLOTUS fashion statement at this event you can give a brief comment, tell them to look up the definition of the word ‘decorum’. Nuff said. 😎

        • Stanford, yes, they would have to look it up, and then they would declare it a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

          • Caimile

            Actually, I don’t have to look it up. If you cannot have a discussion without insulting people, then thank you for showing your true colors. I was simply stating my opinion, as you all did yours, but I did it without throwing childish insults. You should think about making your site private or something if you don’t wish for people to see it, formulate their OWN opinions and comment as they see fit.

  • I Don’t Like Stupid People that Act Like Sheep

    You stupid HICKS AND HILL BILLIES Don’t know what style and fashion looks like. Go put on your Over-Alls and daisy dukes

    • Just So You Actually Know

      Both of which would show more skin than what she’s wearing btw.

  • That is a beautiful outfit – if you think the outfits worn by the ruling class folks in the Hunger Games, were beautiful.

    • I read the books. Didn’t see the movie. MO is inappropriate in so many ways.

  • You must go see the movie — the actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who played Catliss was beyond superb. We will be seeing much more of that gal.

    I only went goes my teenagers dragged me – didn’t read the books, myself, and didn’t think I’d like it. But wow – best movie I’ve seen in years.

    By the way, watch the previews, all Michele needs is a pink wig and some purple lipstick, and she’s perfect for the part.


    • When you mentioned what the people in the Capitol were wearing I thought of Effie with her pink hair. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing in Winter’s Bone. It’s a very different movie, but if you haven’t seen, it’s well worth watching.

      I’ve heard there are some differences between the book and the movie. Glad to have the recommendation, Deb.

  • (I meant Catniss.)

  • Kerry

    What the…?

  • el polacko

    the first lady’s cheap and gaudy outfits are an insult to her position and an embarrassment for the country. she’s welcome to dress like a floozy once her husband is no longer in office but, until then, she owes us a modicum of decorum.

    • el polacko, I don’t know how cheap the outfits are. Not too cheap, I think but the pants were inappropriate for a show featuring children.

  • Ya all missed the point…pandering for the youth vote, no matter how young. Little future brown shirts. Oh, look, moochelle has clothes on! Oh, look, the king has no clothes!

    • Mary, I think you got it just right! Thanks!

    • Just So You Actually Know

      Ya’ll need to get an education. What president/first lady has *ever* not pandered to the youth vote? It’s how they secure voters in their parties for future generations. Just because Michelle Obama is able to connect to youth on a fundamental level, even if it’s by presenting an award (by the way, to Taylor Swift, who is beloved by both young liberal and conservative women) in a silly outfit. Because that’s what it was. A silly outfit.

      Also, could you describe to me what you mean by ‘Moochelle”? Like, actually explain it to me because I don’t understand it.

      Lastly, you do realize you just called a bunch of kids ‘future nazi’s’ right? As in the Nazi’s who savagely murdered 6 million human beings, 1 million of whom were children? Just making sure you’re ready to really stand by that comparison.

      • And I thought it was by joining “Young Democrats” or “Young Republicans”. Silly me. I see dress and act like a whore and the young will follow you.

  • Lilac

    Wait til her freaky husband introduces shari’a law – she won’t be able to get around looking like ghetto trash then. It’ll be Baghead Baghdad for the Whitehouse.

    • Lilac, Baghead Baghdad – hilarious! Thanks.

    • Just So You Actually Know

      Most of the woman forced to dress under the code of Sharia law have to wear headscarves, and not burqa’s. You are aware that the only difference in the amount of skin that it covers in comparison to what she’s wearing is the neck line, right?

      If your comment is that it’s trashy, yeah, it’s tacky as all hell. Why don’t you avoid bringing world religion into it?

      • Lilac

        Islam is not a religion – or a race – it’s an ideology akin to Nazism. If you want to defend horrors like Nazism and islam without investigating the reality behind them, go right ahead. One would hope though, that you would step back and check all your facts – maybe read the qur’an, the hadiths, the sunna and the hedaya before you make a defensive comment. Otherwise, feel free to look like an ignorant fool. 🙂

  • Dawn Young

    haaaaters! i bet 90% of you haters either didnt or can’t even vote. LOL! freak’in criminals, under educated illiterate drop outs! you smell bad when it rains, and get your sofa out the front yard….lol! if an educated black women scares you…. watch out she’s raising two more for you to work for! hahahahahahhaha!

    • I’ll put my voting record up against yours. I have never missed an election since I was 18 (back in the Stone Age), have voted in every single election (Even the local ones nobody ever votes in.), and even voted absentee when I was in the military.

      I’ll put up my post-grad degree against yours.

      An employer once told me. If you dress like a tramp you will be treated like a tramp. That night our First Lady (the leader of fashion in the United States) dressed like a tramp. I will treat her like a tramp.

  • tj

    “She wants Chicago’s South Side values for her girls. If that doesn’t send a message, you are not paying attention.”

    “No this is just pure Ghetto chic. Nothing more or less.”


    Way to go! Hide your racism and sexism behind fashion. You all are uber ignorant. No need to reply. You all are ghetto and small minded.

    • It’s not racism to call someone a whore when they dress like one. She is the First Lady not the First Whore. If you dress like a whore, you will be treated like one.

      BTW what type of values are they teaching their daughters?

      13 years old is NOT the age you allow your child to dress like that slut-in-training does. Nor do you allow your daughter to travel to a foreign country for a “vacation”. I bet you she is a single mother before she is 18.

      • Not a chance! Remember her daddy doesn’t want them “punished with a baby”. So all those free birth control pills and abortions will ease all that.

      • Just So You Actually Know

        You are an idiot, and I don’t use that word lightly.

        She is at an event that is advertised as young and hip, and of course she is expected to dress the part. THE ONLY PART OF HER BODY THAT YOU SEE IS THE TOP V OF HER CHEST AND HER FACE AND HANDS. What exactly else would you have her cover up to make her look less like a “whore”. Bad fashion doesn’t make her a whore, but comments like this do make you a narrow-minded idiot.

        Also, as for as Malia being in another country, she was there VOLUNTEERING TO BUILD A HOUSE. How many houses have you built for somebody? I went to Catholic school, and ever year 20 girls went into Mexico to help volunteer and Malia is doing the exact same thing. Because she’s being taught to value service and a work ethic.

        • That was a piece of poop. Are there no houses to be built here in the US? No she was there on a Vacation. Paid by the US taxpayers.

      • Caimile

        Please read for understanding. I said it is racist to equate the word “ghetto” with the black race. No one on this forum would use that word to discribe someone who is not black, even if the person being described were dressed in the exact same outfit or worse.

        • I remember Bill Clinton having an office in the “Ghetto.” He was proud of it. Used the Ghetto word every chance he got.You are wrong Caimile. How about using the word ‘hood.’ Whatever the areas are called, whether Black, White or Hispanic – there are usually high crime rates and gangs, and if you don’t belong there, you don’t want to be there. People get a visual with these words, and the visual is not Black, White or Hispanic, but rough and dangerous.

          • Caimile

            Using your definition then, Michelle Obama is rough and dangerous. Glad we cleared that up. Good day!

        • “I said it is racist to equate the word “ghetto” with the black race. No one on this forum would use that word to discribe (sic) someone who is not black”

          You’re wrong, Caimile. The earliest use I am familiar with of the word ghetto goes back to the 1940’s. In Poland, the Jews congregated in what were called ghettos, to denote a homogenous and segregated group of people. The Ashkenazic Jews were not, to my knowledge, black.

          And, in case you haven’t noticed, I am on this forum and I do not equate the word ghetto with any race, even though race may be one of the factors determining any given ghetto.

          And please! Do not equate criticism of the First Lady’s abysmal sense of style with racism. That outfit would look equally bad on anyone.

          • The word Ghetto is Yiddish. It comes from the original Italian word “”gheto” or “ghet” meaning slag or waste.

            The concept of the Ghetto was a segregated section of a town or city in which Jews were permitted to live. By law, no Jew could live outside the Ghetto.

            Today no Black person is forced by law to live in a Ghetto. Yet they do. Wonder why?

            The Ghettos in Europe were not violent slums. The Ghettos of America are violent slums. Wonder why?

            The most famous Ghetto was the Warsaw Ghetto. You can read about it here. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/warsawtoc.html

            There are no famous American Ghettos. They are infamous.

            • Caimile

              I am very familiar with where the word ORIGINATED, but we all know good and well how that word is applied TODAY. The swastika was originally something very different than what most people equate it with today. It was ORIGINALLY a symbol of peace. But everyone knows that TODAY, that symbol is viewed as very negative and hurtful.

  • Just So You Actually Know

    I realized I left this in a reply, when I meant to leave it as a general response. Moderator, feel free to delete the other post.

    Rather than to jump on how much of a hooker she looks like (good to know none of you have apparently seen a hooker in your life), or say what a terrible role model she is, why don’t you think about what she does do for young women.

    Like when she invited the Girl Scouts of America to the White House help plant in their patriotic victory garden (which was founded by Eleanor Roosevelt)?: http://blog.girlscouts.org/2012/03/first-lady-michelle-obama-gardens-with.html

    Or when she invited female high school students from the US and the UK to sit down to a meal with her so they could talk about education?: http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Michelle+Obama/Michelle+Obama+Meets+Young+Women+UK/YnZWRs9KL6K

    Or when she became the honorary chair of Girls Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to helping young women succeed, established in 1945?: http://girlsinc.org/girlsinc-spotlight/c1771611576.html

    Or how about just raising two very well adjusted sweet girls. And the oufit is tragic, I agree. But that’s because it’s terrible fashion, not because she’s a terrible person.

    Instead of following the herd, why don’t you take a moment to actually learn something before you decide to reduce her to the stereotype you’ve so clearly bought into.

    • Lilac

      Oh please…..you sucker.

  • Wow, Maggie! You sure opened a can of worms with this one! (Or is that wyrms, for the feminists?) Tell the guy who said “While white women complain, your husbands and boyfriends are after sexy, smart, black women like this in case you didn’t know.”, that as a white male, I think he needs to get off the delusion train at the very next stop.

    • Just So You Actually Know

      Mark Twain eh?

      “There are many humorous things in the world: among them the white man’s notion that he is less savage than the other savages.” – Following the Equator

      • Just so you know, Michelle may be the reason they invented the eleven foot pole!

        • Just So You Actually Know

          Or maybe I just prefer to see actual debate and intelligent conversation rather than an intelligent, hard-working mother reduced to being a street-walker because it’s an easy thing to say.

          If you, or any of you, think this is just about Michelle Obama, you have your heads in the sand. This is about not buying into a soundbite and instead thinking for yourself and then responding with an informed conclusion. If you do that and at the end of it your conclusion is that she is, as others on the board have said, a “hooker” or trying to mobilize an army of future Nazi’s (yes, somebody said that, it’s a few threads up), then I guess then we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

  • Don Laird

    It must be Christmas time…..


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • Emily

    You are JEALOUS!!!! You wished you had her body…Street walker…

  • Just John

    Jealousy runs amok here. You all would criticize her regardless of what she wore, because you are hateful, sad, pitiable creatures.

    • Cuz I’m sure you never criticized Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, right?

  • wow! way to go maggie! 🙂

    interesting to see how “offended” some here are. i guess we’re to believe you don’t use words like ghetto, trash, whore and slut in any of your conversations cause you’re so angelic, respectable and kind. michelle can dress with complete disrespect for the office she represents, but we can’t say anything negative because … what’s that now?! ugh. crying “racist” and “bigots” is so tired! grow up.

  • Surely that outfit was a bad April Fool’s Joke? If not it should should win a place in the history of Classless Warfare Attire!

    • Faultline, I hear Madam Toussaud (don’t know the correct spelling) is planning a wax for this one.

  • Young Millionaire

    To everybody taking out their time to disrespect Michelle, just stop hating and go make money…..I use to be bitter just like racist people, but I won the lottery in 2008 and every since then, I’ve been hate free! Stop hating. Get money. Simple.

  • Hoke Buck

    You overweight couch potatoes hating because you can’t rock that gear!

  • Young Millionaire

    Everyone here is still complaining, I swear if you guys go out and get money, this would not matter AT ALL! get money. Simple!

    • If I had money.. I’d be able to continue with my artwork.. Not sure how much longer I can in this economy..

  • Ran

    What a gal! (Liberty Belle, that is.)

    Yeah, I’m not so sure this outfit works on Michelle. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

  • Put down the Hater-Aid

    Fashion has changed and you boxed shapped no figure women and men who love them need to get a life and a fashion since. As usual, for YOU PEOPLE it all boils down to her race. Had she worn a moo-moo gown fully covered you would have still found somethong to b*&^h about because of her skin tone. I found some pictures of your lily white Jacqueline Kennedy in some skin tight capris they wore in the 60’s…was she too a street walker? Get over it…she looks good. And for all you women who is a size 10 and up…she sould inspire you to look your best no matter the size!! my .02 cents!!

    • And I’ll bet Jacqueline Kennedy was criticized by people as well…just as any First Lady. Maybe you should stop looking at everything in terms of race. We don’t. Hillary Clinton is white and her fashion is off the charts ugly, and she was criticized all the time. Your race accusation doesn’t hold water.

      • Yah

        You Know what? You may not like what she is wearing and that is your opinion, But I have an issue with the nasty insulting comments. If all people have is something negative to say…..keep your nasty comments to yourself.

  • IndependentWoman!!!

    Stop hating on Michelle! She is a woman and a mother like many of us. Michelle is very tactful about the things she do, say, and wear. Since she happens to be an African American woman married to an African American man of power; certain individuals find amusement in finding fault or have something negative to say about her and her husband. They are human just like you and I and she do not need approval from any of us regarding her attire or anything else for that matter. Before you attempt to open your mouth or type comments that’s not supportive look in the mirror and clean your kitchen and air out your dirty laundry. Then we’ll see who comes out on top. Since Michelle and Barack has accomplished many things and surpassed many road blocks collectively and individually I’ll put my money on the power couple. Have a great day!

    • Her outfit is inappropriate. I don’t care what color she is. She’s the FLOTUS. She should dress as one. And as to criticism, with all due respect, as elected officials, they put themselves out in the public arena, so they are open to criticism. That’s the way it works. If you see everything as a racist issue, maybe YOU are the one with the problem.

  • Wow. What a class act. Is this her 20-year old pop diva look? I sooo miss Laura Bush!