Louisiana Third Graders Oral Sex in Classroom: Teacher Fired – No Earthquake

A teacher did not notice that two third graders having oral sex underneath a desk as class was in progress in Tallulah, Louisiana. The teacher was fired. The children received “counseling.” The teacher should have been fired, as no doubt the rest of the students were watching, snickering or something, but in my opinion, the school should have been shutdown and all parents should have been called to the school that evening. The shock should have registered like that of a Mag 8 earthquake – and had that happened, perhaps the teacher should not have been fired.

The children would have noticed something very, very big going on at their school – something important, something all parents in the school were now aware of. We cannot continue to just move on when these things happen at the grade school level. The two children involved are in trouble on so many levels. It’s not about their privacy or the privacy of their parents. If, at 8 years old, a child will engage in oral sex in a classroom with classmates and a teacher present, then that child will do just about anything. Those two have now desensitized the students around them. How many of us at 8 years old can say we watched others having oral sex?

There should have been an earthquake in that school and all parents should have been contacted to come together to publicly stand in unison in front of their children. Without an earthquake, I’m betting the whole school knows about these two, and think it’s no big deal. May God protect our children, because we are doing a terrible job of it. Source

  • Maggie … again I just shake my head. Unbelievable. Seems I’m saying that a lot now days. I’m in total agreement with you.