Local Stories the Local and MSM Want to Hide: Bloggers Must ‘Out’ The Stories

As a blogger, I am guilty of not covering much of the news in my own area. As I’ve said before, for the most part, Oklahoma is conservative, and I don’t have too many complaints about state politicians, although if I paid attention, I’m sure I would find something productive to talk about. Pete DaTechGuy is bringing this problem to attention in his post today: Why the MSM Hates New Media: Alabama Edition. The “New Media?” That’s bloggers, and we need your help.

Pete rightly makes the point that most towns and cities have outrageous crimes committed against their citizens that are likely covered-up by local media, along with politically news-worthy stories that should grab the attention of residents.

He gives an example in his Alabama Edition today that I bet you do not know about, and I expect that similar crimes like this one happen over and over across our nation. Of this crime in Birmingham that went untold in Birmingham news, Pete says:

But for every NYT there are dozens of Birmingham News’ uninterested in violence by Biker Gangs if they are of the wrong color. For every Jon Stewart there are countless Worcester Telegrams who find threats of violence and arson trivial if directed at pro-life centers and for every CNN there is a slew of Torrance Daily Breezes who don’t find the actions or pronouncements of major party congressional candidates worth their time.

During his talk in Lexington Mass. last year Andrew Breitbart urged those in attendance to carry a camera and report and even if it was no more than a Kindergarten teacher pushing an agenda to send him the story and he would make it national. If you are a blogger willing to report on those local stories and promote them up the blog ecosystem you have the power to make a difference. Breitbart understood this and so does every member of the MSM with an agenda who dismisses bloggers and tweeters.

If you are that “kindergarten teacher” with a story (and this reminds me that I have a story from a local teacher that I must get into print), or a worker watching unions turning the work place into a living hell, or notice that your local community is coming together and working together on a good project, or whatever you see that should be told but isn’t because of political correctness, get the info to a blogger and be a part of making the difference.

  • Good post, Maggie. As bloggers who are covering national stories, we sometimes forget the importance of stories close to home. I think that is why your coverage of the Tulsa shootings is so vital.

    • LD, I regret that I did not cover the Straits assault/murder and the dozens of others in our area. I also must get into some our politics. While I may not get it into it in detail I can link to others who are doing so, like Batesline, or you or whomever.

  • Very true Maggie & Jackson. In fact another are where we bloggers should look into is the judgements passed & punishments given in these crimes so that more & more people are encouraged to take up cases & fight for justice.

    I have liked your blog & will try to stick around more often..