Joe Biden: Trayvon Martin = Gun Control: George Zimmerman = Gun Control

It’s suspicious that it took the Obama administration so long to get around to talking publicly about gun control after Trayvon Martin’s death.  Maybe an Executive Order is in the works. Biden, on Face the Nation today, said the “premise” that you are safer carrying a gun is one he is not so sure of.  Obviously, we are safer carrying a gun, assuming we know how to use one. He also said “The bulk of the people who are shot with a weapon…end up being shot with their own weapon.” I’ve looked and can’t verify that stat. If you can, please send an email or leave it in comments.

Here’s a portion of the Biden quote (hear it all in the video), and note the strange wording of the first sentence: “It’s important that people be put in a position where their Second Amendment rights are protected….” We are not “put” in that position. ‘They’ are “put” in the position of trying to take the right away from us, or dilute our rights, not the other way around. The law has been tried and tested, and although it is surprising, the Constitution wins on gun rights, even though  some cities are so violent that the people have all but been disarmed – Washington D.C. in particular. Citizens have had to go to court over and over. They won, yet the Chief of Police has said she will not allow guns on the streets, residents are allowed to keep weapons in their homes.

It’s important that people be put in a position where their Second Amendment rights are protected, but that they also don’t, as a consequence of the laws, unintendedly put themselves in harm’s way … The idea that there’s this overwhelming additional security in the ownership and carrying concealed and deadly weapons… I think it’s the premise, not the constitutional right, but the premise that it makes people safer is one that I’m not so sure of.

Incoherent, basically. This might make some sense if Trayvon Martin was armed, but he wasn’t.

Ben Shapiro at Breitbart:

John Lott has pointed out clearly in More Guns, Less Crime:  “Concealed handgun laws reduce violent crime for two reasons. First, they reduce the number of attempted crimes because criminals are uncertain which potential victims can defend themselves. Second, victims who have guns are in a much better position to defend themselves.” This is called common sense, and the data backs it up.

But that’s been the two-barreled liberal agenda throughout this debate: first, raise the specter of race; second, crack down on guns. The left isn’t all that interested in what happens with George Zimmerman – if they cared, they’d stop tainting the jury pool – but they are interested in making political hay out of the killing. And Joe Biden is just following in his boss’ footsteps.

About Florida’s Concealed Carry Laws, from Gun Owners of America, September 2008:

● Florida: concealed carry helps slash the murder rates in the state. In the fifteen years following the passage of Florida’s concealed carry law in 1987, over 800,000 permits to carry firearms were issued to people in the state.

● FBI reports show that the homicide rate in Florida, which in 1987 was much higher than the national average, fell 52% during that 15-year period — thus putting the Florida rate below the national average.

● Do firearms carry laws result in chaos? No. Consider the case of Florida. A citizen in the Sunshine State is far more likely to be attacked by an alligator than to be assaulted by a concealed carry holder.

● During the first fifteen years that the Florida law was in effect, alligator attacks outpaced the number of crimes committed by carry holders by a 229 to 155 margin.

● And even the 155 “crimes” committed by concealed carry permit holders are somewhat misleading as most of these infractions resulted from Floridians who accidentally carried their firearms into restricted areas, such as an airport.

See a lot of interesting stats about concealed carry at the GOA link above.

We won’t forget that this administration arranged Fast and Furious to blame Arizona gun sellers – a way to come back on them with every stricter regulations. We won’t forget. Thanks to People Like Us for the video. Read more on Biden and gun control here.

Joe Biden: Face the Nation – Safer Carrying a Gun? Maybe Not. (video)

Thanks to FreakingNews for the graphic.

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    Never give up your guns America! Learn from those of us in other countries who have – you’ll never get them back, and you will have no way to defend yourself against tyranny.