Jerry Sandusky Second Mile: Insurer Refuses to Pay Sandusky Legal Fees for Child Rape

Remember Jerry Sandusky, the former Pennsylvania University assistant football coach? He is under house arrest for 40 52 counts of child sexual abuse. He has tried to use an insurance policy from The Second Mile charity he founded that gave him access to all or some of the children he abused to dig dirt on is victims. Federal Insurance Company holds the policy and has gone to federal court to try to keep from doling out anymore cash for Sandusky’s defense fund, claiming Sandusky’s acts were “reprehensible.”

Jerry Sandusky

Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, said his client already has “cashed out” his retirement account and has dipped into the insurance policy. However, Federal Insurance Co., the company paying these costs, has gone to federal court to say it’s not obligated to pay because of Sandusky’s alleged “reprehensible acts.” Federal Insurance Co. has paid $125,000 thus far for Sandusky’s defense, Amendola told USA Today. Source: Sporting News

Sandusky’s trial begins June 5, 2012. More at The Daily CallerRead background on Sandusky here.

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  • Good, about time someone stands up to such crime. Sandusky as evil as he is should have been a serial killer. He was in a way, killing hearts and minds with just leaving the body to suffer the rest of it’s natural life. Brutality comes in many forms, Sandusky is a good example of brutality in a sick sexual sodomy form. The worst should happen to this non human form of sodomy. His wife should feel very badly saying what she has said as well, making comments like we took these boys into our home, then they turned on us. What kind of person would even utter those words? She is bound to know her husband is guilty, what an idiot if she doesn’t, which I doubt very seriously.
    Let’s just say, she enjoyed the money now didn’t she, long as no one knew. huh?