Jeremiah Wright: Did He Say Obama is Ignorant and Arrogant? Video

Did Jeremiah Wright say Obama is among the “ignorant and arrogant.” Who is going to get into heaven, Wright asks? After mentioning Romney and Santorum (not getting into heaven) he says: “when I was hungry, you fed me. You didn’t cut food stamps.” “There are politicians who are making decisions about you, about your life, about your future about your family, about your children, and the tragedy is they live in a different world all together. There are people right now who have opinions about you based on your skin color…they are ignorant and arrogant, and these are graduates from Harvard and Yale setting policy…”

Jeremiah Wright's house before it's completion

Every disaster to hit the U.S. or around the world have been ignored, according to Wright. He denigrates what “church folk” says: “maybe church folk should just shut up!”

Notice at about 4 minutes in he quotes the Apostle John about giving half of what we have to the poor. As Jeremiah Wright resides in retirement in his gated community on a golf course, you can bet he hasn’t given half of what he has to the needy. He may have tithed (or not) but I doubt he has come close to giving “half” away.

At 10,400-square feet, the home includes a large family room with wet bar, an exercise room, and a spare room that could be for a large home theater or indoor pool, based upon building plans.

The house features an elevator, a whirlpool, a butler’s pantry and a four-car garage…

Curiously, Wright appears to have utilized a firm with a distinct lack of diversity among its key executives in order to set up his tax shelters or whatever legal structures he used to protect his assets.

And what bank underwrote Wright’s mortgage and $10 million line-of-credit? That would be none other than the troubled ShoreBank, a favorite of the Obama family and other Democrat politicians, who have worked mightily to have the feds rescue it despite the fact that it would otherwise not qualify for a bailout. Source: Doug Ross

Hyscience makes some points you don’t want to miss, including Wright condemning the U.S. Military – “fighting for peace is like raping for virginity.” The article also notes Obama’s exposure to Wright’s preaching, the same preaching he has been doing for 20 years.

If the video disappears or will not play, view it here.


Jeremiah Wright Hating on Whites (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Wright only gets better with age!

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    I love these liberation theology preachers. You just never know when they will bust out of the reservation and launch another Nat Turner style raid. Good old heroic Nat, the grandfather of liberation theology. I’m thinking Jeremiah might want some of that Trevon, blood in the water, action. Let loose the windbags of rabble rousers!

  • I agree with the pastor. Obama is ignorant and arrogant.