Indiana Voter Fraud: Phony Petitions Hundreds of Phony Signatures Put Obama on Ballot?

The name of a former Democrat governor of Indiana and a prosecuting attorney’s name ended up on phony petitions with phony signatures in Indiana in 2008. The prosecuting attorney on the case found his own name forged.

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin writing at RightWing News:

This week, four Democratic officials in Indiana were hit with felony charges related to petition fraud in the state’s 2008 primary. The prosecutions are a result of the local South Bend Tribune newspaper’s investigation last fall into “hundreds of county residents’ signatures” forged on petitions used to put Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic primary ballot. At least two whistle-blowing government officials came forward to expose the forgery racket, which court documents say was formulated by Democratic Party officials inside local party headquarters.

A veteran county Democratic Party chair, Butch Morgan, resigned in October over the scandal; three employees in the St. Joseph County voter registration office reportedly helped Morgan execute the scheme. Among the hundreds of unsuspecting residents whose names were illegally signed to the petitions: the prosecuting attorney in the case and a former Democratic governor of the state!

That’s the audacity of ACORN-style hoaxes.

Without the phony signatures, there’s a significant chance that Obama would not have qualified for the primary ballot — throwing the validity of the entire election into question.

New York City is gearing up for trials against Democrat officials accused of ballot fraud. A Whistleblower said faking absentee ballot was common place there.

Click the link above and get a whiff of the full scope of this story – and it covers just a very few states. This is what we will face this November. On-topic, in case you missed it, Coca Cola has bowed to Democrat Congressman James Clyburn’s call for a boycott if Coke continues to support Voter I.D. Coke decided they had no interest in Voter I.D. and kicked this most sacred of American principles under the bus.

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  • Unless this throws Obama out of office, it is old news. Let us move on and throw the bum out of office.

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