George Zimmerman: Neighbor Saw Big Bumpy Bandages on Zimmermans Head

The day after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, he was not a hunted man, as he is today. He was still around his neighborhood. He didn’t know then that he would have to flee for his life once the New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson grabbed a microphone. He didn’t know there would be a bounty on his head. An unidentified neighbor said he/she saw large bandages on Zimmerman’s head. They were big bandages and they were bumpy looking. The neighbor doesn’t want to be identified. The groups of unsavories who have hijacked the case are not people any innocent and moral person wants to be threatened by.

Back of George Zimmerman's Head


“I saw George. He was banged up. His head had two big bandages, that weren’t flat, had a bump on them,” the neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said.

In a previous post, I paraphrased a conversation Sean Hannity had on his radio show with a Florida reporter. I can’t remember her name. She had been on the story for awhile and had spent a lot of time in Zimmerman’s neighborhood, talking to the neighbors. She told Sean one of the residents a few doors away, either from Zimmerman’s home or in the area of the shooting, said police showed her a photo of Zimmerman and “his nose was busted in,” and “there was blood all over the place.” It was something very similar to that, if not exactly that.

The photo above is a screen grab from the video we’ve all seen of Zimmerman arriving handcuffed at the police station that night. Those unwilling to wait for the State investigation said Zimmerman showed no injuries, although you can clearly see one officer walking behind Zimmerman and pointedly looking at the back of his head. He didn’t ‘glance.’ He ‘looked.’

If you haven’t heard, NBC released an audio of the 911 call from that night. The 911 operator asked Zimmerman what Trayvon Martin looked like. Zimmerman answered “He looked Black.” But when the audio was released, the question from the operator was not heard, although it was clearly there. Zimmerman’s answer: “He looked Black,” was used as a battle cry to claim a racist slur was uttered from George Zimmerman. NBC is investigating itself.

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  • What the new Black Panthers are doing is MURDER FOR HIRE! They should all be arrested for conspiracy to commit murder!

    • Woodsterman, as we see the gashes on the back of Zimmerman’s head and hear what NBC did to the 911 tape, the media should be charged with inciting riots, and definitely, the NBPP for at least attempted kidnapping. If you use the first poster they put out, attempted murder is correct.

  • The other day on Twitter I clicked on a site that had a screen shot of Travon’s January Tweets that were absolutely disgusting. But those racebaiters are still calling this 6’3″ person a “child” for no other reason than minleading the public!

    • Hi Faultline – I noticed in the Grocery store today that the new issue of People Mag has that childhood pic on the cover. I saw his tweets and the pics on his FB page. This was no one with a child-like mind. Everything I read was vulgar. Having said that, he shouldn’t be dead for no reason. So people need to see if Zimmerman can prove the lying media wrong.

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