George Zimmerman: MSNBC Zooms in on Video – Shows Injury to Back of Zimmermans Head

MSNBC says they have “zoomed in” on the video of Zimmerman arriving at the police station about 45 minutes after the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Remember that there appeared to be no injury in the first videos released, although one of the police officers pointedly walked to the back of Zimmerman, took hold of his left arm and peered, pointedly, up at Zimmerman’s head.

Back of George Zimmerman's Head

In this video you hear a reporter say they zoomed in and there is some kind of “abrasion on the back of his head.” Well, look at the photo. I guess there is. If you haven’t heard, NBC altered the 911 call transcript which has led to charges that Zimmerman uttered a racial slur. When the Operator asked: “What does he look like?” Zimmerman answered: He looks Black – but the Operator’s question to Zimmerman was not heard. Vile. Read that story here.

Video showing the injury to the back of George Zimmerman’s Head

Thanks to Breitbart

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