George Zimmerman Judge Jessica Recksiedler: Conflict of Interest? Would You Want to be the Judge?

Beautiful White woman tasked with being the Judge in the George Zimmerman case. Would you want to be the Judge? I would not. What if Zimmerman isn’t guilty? How does she live out the rest of her life? In the video Judge Jessica Recksideler tells Zimmerman’s attorneys that she may have a conflict of interest, as Zimmerman had previously contacted an attorney who works with her husband.

Judge Jessica Recksiedler


Judge Jessica Recksiedler Speaks of Conflict of Interest in George Zimmerman Case (video)

  • BC

    Good grief she is good looking… Watch the storm tonight Maggie “Big Wind Coming”

  • Winghunter

    A phone call to the associate of a lawyer who is the husband of the judge is potential Conflict of Interest!?

    That’s NUTS!

  • Well Zimmerman sure doesn’t want Elena Kagan, Judge Joe Brown, or Judge Judy OMG!
    Hope everything turned out OK in Tulsa. What a friggin’ mess Obama has caused for our country. America didn’t need his evil divisive change of socialism and class warfare. All this is happening because of greed, “the LOVE of money” which is the root of ALL evil. That’s God’s Word on the subject. Obama and his partners in crime don’t believe in the living Word of one true God of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You know what! BHO is going to come to know the Word first hand on judgement day. Yeah Obama’s day is coming, whether he knows it or not. How good is this! Good enough!