George Zimmerman Head Wounds in Technicolor

George Zimmerman’s head wounds below, in technicolor. Remember the  police officer who walked behind Zimmerman after he got of the police car? He took Zimmerman’s left arm as he stepped to Zimmerman’s back and he peered up at the back of Zimmerman’s head. The video made it obvious there was something to look at, but no one talked about it, gave it any credence. The New Black Panthers continued to hawk their $1.00 donations for a bounty on the head that was obviously bashed into something more than once. Once is enough. ABC released the original video we saw that seemed to show no injury to Zimmerman. Today they’ve released the photo below. Vile.


By Friday March 30, just two days after ABC published its scoop, MSNBC ran a story contradicting ABC and showing evidence of an injury on Zimmerman’s head.

Now, five days after their big scoop, ABC has posted new video under the headline “George Zimmerman: Enhanced Video Shows Injury.” As you’ll see, ABC makes no mention of the fact that their previous story was wrong. And thus far, ABC does not appear to have published a print version of the story. Keep in mind that the claim Zimmerman was injured was widely known before ABC posted the video. In other words, they knew what they should be looking for in the clip. And yet it seems they were unable to find it for five days, even though other media outlets pointed it out within 48 hours.

At this point, ABC needs to explain why it took them until today to correct the record. Enhancing 4-5 minutes of video is not a five day job. This is one of several missteps by major media in this case. Earlier, NBC deliberately miscut George Zimmerman’s 911 call in a way that insinuated George Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon Martin because he was black.

NBC has now launched an internal investigation to find out how the botched audio wound up on “The Today Show.” Notice that in both instances the initial media error works against Zimmerman.


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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I despise the MSM…

  • It’s simple. The Media has already convicted George Zimmerman and is awaiting his lynching.

  • It seems that the MSM is at it again.

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  • TheInternetizen

    The “enhanced” pictures only shows exaggerated compression artifacts.

    The reason the rest of the frame is darkened is because the officer in the picture also looks as though he has injuries after the “enchancment” (watch the enhanced video and you can see it). And, if you watch the video, the bald officer shows the exact same shadowing on the back of his head, in the exact same way it appears on Zimmerman. This is because of obvious shadowing as a bald head is not a perfect sphere, it tends to be lumpy and irregular.

    Stop being willfully ignorant and so easily swayed by edited footage.