George Zimmerman Family to Holder – New Black Panthers: Why No Arrest? Because They Are Black?

The family of George Zimmerman has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking why the New Black Panthers have not been arrested for putting a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. According to the Daily Caller, the family suspects the reason is because the NBPs are Black. Remember in the NBPP voter intimidation case in Philadelphia, when Holder went before a House Appropriations subcommittee and referred to the NBPP as “my people,” and tried to shame the members of Congress for putting the people of Philadelphia in the same light as “my people,” who fought for Civil Rights. George Zimmerman is not one of Holder’s “people.” Neither are you, no matter your ethnicity. If you are a Black Conservative, you are not one to be defended by your country’s Department of Justice. We’ve ‘got it’ now.

New Black Panthers 2008 Elections at Philadelphia Polling Place

The family member believes the reason Holder hasn’t made those arrests is because he, like the members of the New Black Panther Party, is black.

“I am writing you to ask you why, when the law of the land is crystal clear, is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?” the family member wrote to Holder.

“The Zimmerman family is in hiding because of the threats that have been made against us, yet the DOJ has maintained an eerie silence on this matter. These threats are very public. If you haven’t been paying attention just do a Google search and you will find plenty.  Since when can a group of people in the United States put a bounty on someone’s head, circulate Wanted posters publicly, and still be walking the streets?” Source: Daily Caller (read more about the Zimmerman’s and To Kill a Mockingbird here

Can we put a bounty on the head of Blacks who harmed your family? If the information that four men are still sought in Nancy Strait’s death is true, and if those sought are Black, can we announce a bounty and not be arrested?

The New Black Panthers clearly intimidated Philadelphia voters, standing right at the front door of the polling place. One held a nightstick. After many summons to court, they ignored each. They refused to show up or respond in any way. A U.S. federal court judge placed a default judgement against them. Eric Holder dismissed the case and the judgement, and said they are “my people.” In Holder’s Department of Justice, one of the White attorneys, J. Christian Adams has testified that he was told by a Department head that there would be no prosecutions for Blacks committing voter intimidation. And as Adams said, “there is a creeping lawlessness” in this Department of Justice. Thanks to Weasel Zippers.

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