George W. Bush on Creating Private Sector Job Growth: Not on Obamas Radar

Former President George W. Bush, speaking at the G.W. Bush Presidential Center schools The Won about the simple tenants of creating private sector jobs. The problem is, Obama has no fondness for the private sector. Doesn’t get the private at all. He is all about the public sector and taxpayer-paid employees who enjoy Las Vegas conferences in lavish life-style, maybe to meet-and-greet green vendors. So glad G.W. has broken his silence. In the video below, listen to the huge difference in demeanor: Bush is friendly and sincere, and easily makes fun of himself. Obama is turgid, haughty and a liar (not to mention arrogant and untruthful ☺).

If the goal is private sector growth, you have to recognize that the best way to create that growth is to leave capital in the treasury of the job creators. ~ George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Think about it: We’ll be funding (partially, I think) the Barack H. Obama Presidential Something-or-Other sooner or later. Thanks to Breitbart.

George W. Bush on Tax Cuts for the Private Sector (video)

  • George W. Bush … “Do you miss me yet?” Yes we do!

  • Tammy Guise

    I don’t know exactly when he said this! However, it is enlightening for me. I always felt that Bush was better than Obama!

    • More and more Jimmy was better.. Did I really just say that?

      • David, you did say it. With an aware public, like today, Carter couldn’t get away with it. First, he’s not Black or tall and he has a southern accent. Would never work today.

  • The left only care about getting re-elected first, radical agenda second… and that’s just about it

    Like the $10 min wage, pure lunacy… but good politics in their mind, puts us on the defensive as some sort of bad guys

    • RR, If anyone has any doubt about Obama’s true marxist agenda, they are not being honest. The $10 minimum wage that you wrote about will put small businesses out of business.

  • Obama and the morons he surrounds himself with don’t realize if you don’t encourage private sector job growth, there will be no taxes to collect.

  • Sorry, Maggie, but I detest G. W. Bush as much as I detest Obama. Different styles with similar results.

    • Jim, Bush came into one of the most extraordinary situations since WWII. He had a Congress who backed him and urged him to take action, and they postured…then they lied about their support – baldly lied. By that time, it was to late. Most of his spending was on the wars, and Medicare prescriptions. No Child Left Behind is not really a cause, as it was never fully funded.

      Had he had support, I think the wars would have been over sooner. He was deluged with hate against him by Democrats and he failed to veto spending to keep what support he could get for funding the military.

      His spending motives were completely different from Obamas, in my opinion.

  • RP

    I agree with Jim at Conservatives somewhat, not for the reasons most of those that dislike him for, but due to the fact he was the one that started us down the trail of massive deficit spending that continues today. I expect true conservatives to control spending, control taxes and balance a budget. They did not do it in any year that Bush was in office. And the train wreck continues today to the point we may never recover until those who buy our debt refuse to buy it any longer. What a country we are leaving for our future generations!

    • RP, I remember that the words “true conservatives” wasn’t in anyone’s language when Bush took office. With disaster after diaster, both natural and congressional, we have learned what true conservatism is. Since FDR, we have NEVER demanded that Congress be constitutional. NEVER. The war spending brought it to our attention.
      That’s my opinion.

      I agree that we may not be able to to recover, but I am optimistic, that with the next president (not Obama) we will get it done. I believe we understand, as never before (except at the time of the Founders), what is at stake.