Fox News Hires Santita Jackson, Daughter of Jesse Jackson: Fox and Friends Debut for Santita Jackson

Santita Jackson, Jesse Jackson’s oldest daughter will be an on-air contributor for Fox News. She starts tomorrow morning (Friday, 4-5-12) at 7:15 am. Gretchen Carlson, Doocy and Kilmeade get the honors. Santita is currently a well-known radiot host in Chicago. If ‘Fair and Balanced’ is the goal, and Fox says it is, it depends on what the meaning of is is.

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Santita Jackson with father Jesse Jackson

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  • Unfortunately, Fox has a history of hiring race hustler, like. Dr. what’s-his-name (I think he’s from Columbia). They do hire responsible black commentators like Juan Williams, so it’s not like they are creating Pat Buchanan’s version of token flaming black nationalists (as Buchanan was a token conservative on MSNBC). But still, one is enough. Then again, Sanita is some sort of female which makes for good TV.

    • Hi Edge, I can’t think of who the Dr. is. Mark Lamont Hill is my biggest gripe, but he isn’t on as much anymore. This made me sick!

  • Lois

    I am beginning to get really concerned about Fox. Their other recent hires were Sally Conn and Jehmu Green, two flaming liberals. Am wondering if Soros hasn’t gotten to their management too. Although, Fox is by far the best cable news network, they are not giving us the coverage we deserve. They will not touch the Sheriff Joe findings. Why not? I believe more and more people are getting their news from the internet. I know I do and I find you have to visit foreign news sites to find out what’s really happening in the USA. That’s sad. And why would Fox hire these types? If we wanted to see/hear them, we would tune into the LSM, which is EVERY other channel. Maybe when their ratings start slipping, they will rethink this??

    • Lois, I could have said the exact same thing you said. I know Hannity wants to talk about Arpaio but they aren’t letting him. He wouldn’t pass that up for anything. Sally Conn and Jehmu Green almost make me turn the TV off, but I blog the news, so I can’t. Increasingly, I have to go to the Telegraph or Guardian to find out what’s happening here, or more often Canada. It is very concerning, and Jackson is just about pushing me too far. As you say, they ar still the best we have.

      Very distressing.

      • Lois

        RE: Hannity. I remember back when Corsi’s book was to be released, right after Obama conveniently released his forged BC, that Hannity had an interview scheduled with Corsi that he cancelled. I knew then that Fox wouldn’t let him conduct the interview and that his hands are tied. However, I applaud Hannity for doing his Vetting Obama segments and am surprised Fox is allowing that. Also, just yesterday, there were the Heather Childers tweets that Fox VP responded to Mediaite “the tweets have been addressed with Heather and she understands this is a mistake”. Pretty clear message there. Also, IMO, AB’s “natural causes” demise on March 1. BTW: Have I missed the autopsy results on that? What was glaringly missed about AB, some attributed his demise to his CPAC speech, missing entirely that it happened on the day of Sheriff Joe’s first press conference on his Cold Case Findings. And that Sheriff Joe was among one of the last people AB spoke with prior to that press conference. His demise IMO was clearly a warning from Obama’s “people” and certainly a threat to any who would dare to uncover this fraud. Scary times we are living in.

  • Her dad made his doe race bating.. Wonder how much he has stashed away?

    • Millions David – Millions.

      • It’s disgusting.. These are the same libs that complain how Mitt made his millions.. two faced snakes the lot of them

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  • Geo

    Just their latest lurch left. I find myself hitting the “off” button on more and more programming from Fox. Some of it has become unwatchable and the recent Soreoooze hires I refuse to watch.

  • I have a feeling that I will feel the need for a potty break whenever the Ms Jackson graces us with her presence

    Unless she wants to spill on JJJ and pops, that is

  • kathleen

    I’m starting to think this was a rumor, watched the videos from this morning show and she was not on. Search their site for her name and nothing comes up. It would be good for Fox to address it if it is a False story!

  • Rose

    This is the straw that broke the camel’s back! I was on the ropes about Fox and it’s new hires, but now I know where they’re heading. I know the Saudis own part of News Corp and that the wayyyyyyyyyy left has gotten to the higher ups, but continuing to hire people of this caliber is truly a turn off (and I mean that literally) for me. Can you please change the channel!

    • I AGREE – HOW DISAPPOINTING. I plan to blog that on Greta! WTF I don’t plan to watch that crazy BL Bitch – no thanks! Did you hear OWN, Oprah’s channel is not doing well. hahahahahaha Maybe put what’s her name on there, with her idiot daddy? JJ. OMG with Rosie O’ going off – that would make a perfect spot to fill in. Six of one half dozen of the other.
      Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!! FOX ratings will go down. Their funeral, Oh well.