Former LGBT Lobbyist Hilary Rosen Attacks Ann Romney: Jay Carney Knows 3 Hilary Rosens – Not Sure Who Visited the White House

The real story is Obama’s disasterous economic record that hundreds of thousands of times over, has removed all choice, to work or not, because there are no jobs.  Hilary Rosen’s attack against Ann Romney is against traditional women, traditional values, and traditional marriage, just as the attack on Rhode Island high schooler Elizabeth Bierenday was about disparaging marriage between one man and one woman. White House visitor logs show Hilary Rosen has visited the White House at least 35 times since Obama took office, but White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, says he personally knows 3 Hilary Rosens and he isn’t sure the 35 visits were made by the Hilary Rosen garnering attention today. These people are a laugh a minute – or would be if it were not all so dangerous.

Hilary Rosen

Rosen’s snark was that Mitt Romney listens to his wife, quotes her at times, and Ann Romney, according to Rosen hasn’t a clue what real women need or want. (Read that: real women who marry men and are stay-home Moms). Just as Hillary Clinton could have stayed home with Chelsea if she had wanted to do so, she chose not to. Just as Rosen quit her job in 2003 to stay at home and care for her adopted twins, and spend time with her partner, Elizabeth Birch, it didn’t last long.  She reversed her stay-at-home decision less than two years later and returned to the work force as a lobbyist for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) movement working for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, “the nation’s largest LGBT organization,” of which she later became the CEO. The Rosen-Birch relationship ended in 2006. Rosen is a very successful woman. She can choose to work or not. Ann Romney, an educated woman who could have had a career outside of her home, chose not to, although philanthropy is a big part of her life. She served as First Lady of Massachusetts for four years and has raised MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for worthy causes, including literacy for America’s children.

UPDATE: Rosen’s former partner Elizabeth Birch has issued a statement about her “children’s other Mom.” Read it here.

Michelle Malkin had the report today that Hilary Rosen has visited the White House at least 35 times. Currently, Rosen works with Anita Dunn in the consulting firm that has promoted Sandra Fluke and her call for ‘deserved, taxpayer-paid contraception and abortion.’

Bottom line: For the last three years, Hilary Rosen has met nearly three dozen times with top Obama communications and political strategists from Valerie Jarrett to David Axelrod to Anita Dunn to Jim Messina to the president himself.

Any notion that her frontal assault on GOP women was an accident or lone wolf move is contradicted by the long paper trail of her intimate working relationship with the White House campaign/media team. The data also puts the disavowals of Messina/Axelrod last night into much-needed perspective.

They can’t disassociate themselves from one of their most frequent visitors and associates.

They just never expected the fierce online/social media pushback they got from conservative women, who are beating them at their own medium.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) responded to Rosen and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

“Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz should immediately apologize for the insulting and insensitive comments of her adviser, Hilary Rosen. To suggest that any mother has ‘never worked a day in her life,’ is an affront to mothers everywhere. Democrats continue to attack Republicans for a ‘war on women’ even as they attack women with devastating economic policies and offensive rhetoric. The hypocrisy is appalling.” ~ RNC Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski

The lesson is that hundreds of thousands of women who either chose to work, or had to choose to work, are now out of work under the Obama administration. Thousands of children who once had schools vouchers, no longer do – thanks to the Obama administration. Thousands of men who have children, now stay at home because there are no jobs under the Obama administration. Thousands of families no longer take vacations, or put money in savings for college, or buy braces, or…

Ann Romney

Ann Romney understands it. Mitt Romney understands it. The Romneys have raised $50 MILLION for MD Anderson and MILLIONS of DOLLARS for literacy. As Barbara Bush said earlier today on Megyn Kelly’s America Live, “Women who stay home are great. Women who work are great. Whatever.”

UPDATE: Donald Douglas at American Power has Obama’s full quote on women working and attacking candidate’s families. Guess he doesn’t want anyone looking, again, into that plumb job Valerie Jarrett gave Michelle when he made it to the Illinois Senate. Professor Douglas is also talking about the NYT’s framing of Romney’s “gender gap, Rosen’s visits to the White House “ how Rosen likes it under the Obama bus and Obama’s Lilly Ledbetter Act, the one to equalize pay between men and women… one of the first pieces of legislation Obama signed:

According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, while the median salary for male employees.was $71,000 — about 18 percent more, the Washington Free Beacon reports. Read Obama White House Pays Women Less Than Men at NewsMax

In the video below, the spin is that Hilary Rosen apologized to Ann Romney. Apology? I don’t think so.

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