Florida Voter Fraud: Illegal Aliens Vote in Florida – One Woman Votes 6 Times Video

Voter fraud rampant in Florida. The question is, where in the U.S. is it not rampant? A Florida investigation reveals the startling information in the video below. Excellent work. Thanks to Terresa Monroe Hamilton at Noisy Room. Good work by NBC2.

Florida Voter Fraud


A local Florida station invented an unprecedented way to check for voter fraud: jury excusal forms. NBC2 compiled a list of jury excusals based on not being a citizen of the United States and compared it to a list of registered voters in two counties. They discovered almost 100 illegally registered voters, many of whom had voted multiple times. “I vote every year,” one woman told NBC2, despite the fact that she is not a US citizen. The woman had told the court that she couldn’t serve on a jury because she wasn’t a US citizen, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem voting like one. Source: The Rickards Review

Thanks to BadBlue. Many thanks to BreitbartTV.

Documenting Voter Fraud in Florida (video)

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  • Charmaine

    The Arizona immigration law will never solve the immigration problem and it’s making the ugly head of racism rise up from the ground, again! Next time you go to The Hilton Hotel, eat vine ripened tomatoes, or go to a gourmet restaurant, it was probably an illegal alien who cooked your food, made your bed, or cleaned the floors you are walking on. These are not the jobs that everyone here in the United States has been fighting to obtain. That is another issue no one wants to face!

    • Charmaine, spin it however you want. The Rule of Law is the law. If we have no one to cook for us, we’ll get by and eventually Americans will take the jobs. Your disregard for law is astonishing and shameful. I can live without the Hilton Hotel just as everyone can.

  • Dave

    You are missing the point. When I stand in line for two hours at urgent care, or have to ask for someone that speaks English at the fast food place, that’s what Arizona’s law is all about.

    When I maintain full coverage on a 96 Chevy pick up truck because I travel the freeways in Southern California, where 1 in 85 illegal immigrants have car insurance.

    When my son was 16 (10 years ago) and looking for a part time job, he couldn’t find one because they could hire illegals for half pay.

    That’s part of what Arizona is about.

  • Charmaine, yes I did miss that from your previous comment. I thought you were saying that requiring Voter I.D. is racist, and that no one will take the jobs.

    I do understand very well that legal residents are inconvenienced by the illegals in this country, and no states like Texas, Arizona and California are so burdened. Arizona would not need a new law if federal law was enforced.