Engineer Darin Wedel Still Unemployed After Obama Takes Resume

Remember Jennifer Wedel who had an online conversation with Barack Obama about her engineer husband who could not find a job? She asked why “our government issues and extends H1B visas to foreign workers when highly skilled Americans like her husband can’t find full-time work?” Obama asked for her husband’s resume. He got the resume. Darin Wedel did not get a job. See the video below.

OBAMA: …because the word we are getting is that someone in the high-tech field, and an engineer, should be able to get a job.”

This article at the Star Telegram says Wedel did receive opportunities to get into the running for jobs, but he would have to relocate to areas too far away to continue a joint custody arrangement for his daughter from a previous marriage.

Supporters say this type of visa is needed to fill jobs that otherwise might be left vacant. Critics say that there’s no worker shortage, that countless highly skilled U.S. workers are unemployed and that companies are choosing to hire foreign workers at lower salaries through the program…

Jennifer Wedel’s conversation with the president prompted Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to send Obama a letter asking him to support a bill geared to reform the visa program.

“Your response to Ms. Wedel leads me to believe that you don’t understand the plight of many unemployed high-skilled Americans,” the letter said.

“Mr. Wedel’s situation is all too common. Thousands of qualified Americans remain out of work while companies are incentivized to import foreign workers. I’m concerned that you’re hearing only one side of the story — from businesses who claim that there are better and brighter people abroad.”

Now, more than two months after her chat with the president, she has changed her approach. She is turning to social media to try to find a higher-paying job for herself to better support her family.

“We are doing fine,” she said. “Unless reform comes to the H-1B program, I’m afraid we are in a place where ‘our’ family roles are changed.

“This is our permanent job [situation] now. It’s unfortunate, but we will overcome,” she said. “We didn’t do the interview with the president to get a job. We did it to get a voice for so many Americans who, like my husband, are in the very same situation.”

The Wedel’s say they did send the resume, and the White House called and said they were forwarding Darin’s resume to the Fort Worth, Texas area.

If the video disappears or will not play, please view it here.

Darin and Jennifer Wedel on Sending Resume to Barack Obama (video)