Elizabeth Birch Hilary Rosen: The Children’s Other Mom – Hilary Rosen Worries About Same Things Ann Romney Worries About

Hilary Rosen’s former partner, Elizabeth Birch says her “children’s other Mom” worries about the same things Ann Romney worries about.

Hilary Rosen (L) - Elizabeth Birch (R)

 Here is the thing: Hilary Rosen is an amazing, loving and dedicated mother to our twins. I have absolutely no doubt Ann Romney and Hilary spend most of their waking hours worrying about the same things: how to best support their children in this complicated world. They both know the most important and central issue for children is that they are loved — and safe. Source: Elizabeth Birch at Huffington Post

UPDATE 4-13-12: Donald Douglas @ American Power:

So let’s be honest here: Rosen’s homosexuality has everything to do with how she sees family, motherhood, and work. She was rightly called out for a vicious attack on Mrs. Romney, and it’s perfectly clear to me that her comments were driven, at least in part, by sheer radical lesbian feminist ideological hatred…These are people who are supposed to be tolerant and accepting of difference, when in fact the difference they despise and demonize is traditionalism and moral righteousness. If we’ve learned anything this last week it’s that political correctness is destroying reasoned debate in society.

Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean you can’t talk about how their gayness radicalizes their politics. Progressives have no inhibitions against destroying the other for political gain, absolutely none. (click the link  to American Power above and read Donald’s post. It aptly describes what we are up against as we try to take this nation back. It matters)

The Twitter page for Birch, listed at the bottom of the article leads to nowhere. There is an Elizabeth Birch, with a similar photo to the one at HuffPo and above, with a website leading to TrueChild.org, featuring an Online Library to Gender Transformative Programs. An online search indicates this Elizabeth Birch is the other mother of Hilary’s children. If you missed the dust-up over Democrat operative Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney, wife of presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, catch up here.

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  • You should write another post, Maggie! Illustrate why this radical feminine transformational gender politics matters to this debate. It matters! These people are freakin’ radicals.

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  • I don’t agree that a family with two partners of the same sex is totally healthy. It’s the liberal indoctrination in that kind of marraige that bothers me. Solid, unconfusing, male and female relationships are the ideal, in my eyes. The kids look wonderful.. I can’t abide the partners. But that’s the way I was brought up. I see this kind of behavior as an eventual distruction of this countries moral base. We may win now, but in the long run, the country is slowly being indoctrinated to this direction. When that kind of thinking takes hold in the mainstream beliefs in this country, that will be the day we become nothing but a once great country. It saddens me, that after I pass away or even before, that this will happen. This country needs a religious re-awakining, or our beautiful shinning city on the hill will go dark.
    Call me narrow minded. I don’t care. I see the destruction of the family base as the eroding of our moral compass.
    As far as Hilary Rosen… she’s a liberal warrior, that needs to be defeated on every level. Her sewage mouth and comments need to be understood and dismissed, then replaced with the truth.

  • Lee Thomas

    Anything but the economy.

    The left is going to do everything they can to distract the American voter from the Economy. Look forward to them playing on womens rights, abortion, immigration, and a myraid of other things.

    They will do this in a manner that detracts from the economy and then play out the battle until it fizzles and then throw out another bomb and let the right go ballistic over that.

    Again and again. The idea being to distract from the economy, Obamacare and the dismal shape of America.

    Do not play into their hands. The right has lost momentum and they are marking time right now. If the right allows Obama and the Democrats to dicate the narrative then the right will only be seen as swimming in circles with nothing to offer but tax relief for billionaires.

    I am hugely dissappointed in the right at this juncture as they fall prey to everything the left is trying to do in their Alinsky tactics of forcing the GOP/Right to live up to their own standards which are impossible to do.

    Its the economy stupid. Pure and simple. Anything else….any other discussion is a win for the Democrats.

  • mark

    These post was interesting,Must have to read more of it.

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  • Hello! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  • Good job, Maggie. You are the only other source, besides ourselves that published it yesterday, about the fact that Hilary Rosen is a lesbian with a radical agenda.
    The American press is treating this fact with kid gloves and an extreme political correctness that renders them ineffectual and hypocritical when informing the public.

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